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The World Series of Poker is in full swing right now and if you play poker and / or watch it on TV, you know that this time of the year is the most exciting. It should be every poker player’s dream to win a bracelet at the World Series and it becomes even more exciting if you can get on one of the television telecasts. 

If you want to learn how to make money, poker is definitely one of the ways. Many people have gotten rich in the last 5 years and many others make a good living at it. Of course, for every person that becomes successful, there are probably 100 that fail. For those of you that are failing making money playing poker, maybe you should switch to Internet marketing – check out my CashCrate review and learn how to earn money by making referrals.

One of the strategies that can be employed in a no limit poker game is to keep the pots small. This is called “small ball poker” and it is used by many professionals because they don’t want to ever put all their chips at risk unless they have to. By keeping the pots small, they believe they can use their superior skill to grind down the other players over time that have less skill. Poker is a game of skill over the long run but in any tournament or short session (which is really what a tournament is), luck becomes a much bigger factor.

I employ “small ball” in my Internet marketing strategy. Long ago I found out it is easier to get someone to sign up for something that is free or costs little than it is to get someone to sign up for something that costs a lot. The problem is that you will get paid much less for the getting them to sign up to the cheaper things.

ClickBank and the other affiliate networks all have their share of relatively expensive items that cost the user $50 and on up. The affiliates commission for those items is often $30 or more which is a nice chunk of change for one sale. But how many of those sale can you realistically make in a day or a week? For the average  person trying to make money online, the answer it not too many.

I have found I can do as well or better with smaller ticket items where the affiliate gets paid $1 to maybe $3 per signup. Yes, it is not as exciting to make that little per sale and most people never give it a try. But those sales add up and you might find you do better with those smaller offers than you do with the bigger ones. Small ball Internet marketing is a good name for it and you might give it a try sometime.

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    I like that start small and play small that is how the* big* players started but sometimes we tend not to remember ?! With time even though we play small everything comes together steadily and that is what you want in business, an excellent example which I do not regret being a part of Good advice

    Paul Rufus on June 23rd, 2009
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    Very true indeed, and I love the reference to poker.

    I have a text link on the outside of one of my sites that mentions a free offer, and I get roughly 10 people to click onto the affiliate site and sign up for the free offer each week, 2 of which buy. Give people a quality free offer and they are more likely to sign up and make a purchase.


    Scott on June 30th, 2009