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We have a new president and he continues to be popular even though his programs and spending may not be working right now like people had hoped. The first Obama stimulus bill has gone through and bailouts have been given to tons of industries, companies, and local governments. Some new jobs have been created but not as many as promised as the money is being used more to preserve jobs rather than create new ones.

Money is flying everywhere and yet unemployment keeps going up and people continue to look for debt relief and jobs that are hiring. People are searching for ways that the President is going to help them because they thought if they voted for him everything would be fixed.

Obamacare, also known as socialized government health care, has just taken a step forward as it was passed by the Senate health committee but it will face stiff competition in both the House and Senate. If this is ever passed, it is more money that will have to come from somewhere and that somewhere will be higher taxes for us all no matter what Obama says.

What I am leading up to is that the Democrats love to spend money and it is what they do best. Actually, all politicians love spending our money but the Democrats are especially good at it. They first promise everything under the sun and then throw money into any and every program they can get their hands on that will supposedly help the people. With so many people out of work and losing their jobs, shouldn’t there be an Obama government Work From Home Jobs Program too?

Everyday tens of thousands of people across this country go to work not really knowing whether it could be their last day. It doesn’t matter whether they are a company president, top level manager, mid level manager, or just a working class average Joe. Everyone is or should be concerned about their job right now.

Since our jobs are so insecure it seems to me like we need another government program. If the Feds could sponsor something like Obama government Work At Home Jobs Seminars or something along those lines we would all be better off. Teach the people who are getting laid off to work from home and start making money on their own.

What you say? The government probably doesn’t have anyone qualified to spear head such an office or program? Well surely that doen’t matter as everyone knows that all online work from home jobs are scams. This is the PERFECT program for the US government to be in charge of. Yes, the Obama Government Work From Home Jobs Program would be a scam and thus it would fit in nicely with everything else they do.

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    Obama is the man! He is an awesome president!

    Cashcrate on August 7th, 2009
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