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This is a guest post written by Debbie Dragon who is a freelance writer providing articles for Trace Media – an SEO New York company specializing in helping websites perform to their full potential. She’s also the founder of


As the number of people who are unemployed continues to increase, the number of people looking to earn money online also increases.  Even many people who have jobs would like to supplement their income through an online venture of some sort.  Online work offers a variety of benefits, from flexibility in the hours you work to saving money commuting to and from a place of employment.

While there are a variety of ways people make money online, some have discovered the market for selling their writing services on the internet.  If you’re interested in writing for income, the online market is a good place to get started.  It’s much easier to break into professional writing on the internet than it is to get a book published or have an article appear in a magazine.  The pay is usually more consistent and received faster, too.

The Demand For Writers

Think about what people use the internet for.  They go online to find information.  The majority of information online is delivered via text – as the content of the website itself, articles, blogs, reports, e-classes, and ebooks.  Often, the person who owns and maintains a website is not a writer and has no desire to write.  They may be web designers, programmers, or individuals who operate a number of online businesses on various topics.

If the site owners are not writing the content, someone else is.  That someone else could be you.

Where to Find Writing Clients

Finding people to pay you to write used to be as easy as bidding for work on any of the freelance websites:,,, etc.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find writing work offered at reasonable wages on these sites, however, and it’s not unusual to see individuals hiring writers at $1 per 500 words or so!  You do not have to accept these ridiculously low rates to get started as an online writer, thankfully.

If you’re not interested in browsing the freelance bidding sites for the handful of good projects posted among hundreds of not-so-good ones, you can try a few other methods for building a client base.

A good way to start is to approach new media marketing companies, like Trace Media Marketing, and offer to write articles for their clients. New media marketing companies, SEO services, and web designers all have the same target customer base as an online writer – people who hire online marketing companies, SEO or web designers will have a need for articles, blog posts, press releases and other online content. You may be able to work out an exchange of services with the companies you partner with – either offer a commission for their referrals or provide them with discounted or free writing services for their own needs.

You may also want to look at companies who deliver work to writers on a consistent basis. Companies like and accept writers into their program and offer virtually unlimited articles to write. Writers select the topics they want to write about, complete and submit the articles for payment. Working for this type of organization allows you to get right to the writing and spend less time searching for clients – but if you rely on one service exclusively, you may find yourself starting over again if that website goes out of business since you haven’t established any of your own clients.

Writing online for money is a great way to supplement your income or for some business-minded individuals, it can become a full-time career.

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    Earlier, the only thing us writers could do was either work at a newspaper/magazine or write books. Ever since the internet revolution, another avenue for work has opened up.

    Zerona on July 28th, 2009
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    That is an aweosme idea! Thanks!

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