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The stock market has depleted a lot of people’s retirement accounts forcing many to work past the usual retirement age. Actually the big problem is that many WANT to continue working past retirement and can’t because they are considered too old or they are getting laid off. Anyone who is in their 60’s is having a very tough time keeping  their job and if needed, finding new employers that will hire them. Companies want to hire young workers and not old ones.

This is leaving a lot of senior citizens in a bad position because they don’t have enough to retire on and they want to keep working. What they are looking for are part time jobs for retirees that will either help out with the bills or provide a full time income. Adding to the problem is the fact that the older you are, the less physical a job you will be able to do. This world is truly for the young and we are seeing that like never before.

Be Your Own Boss and Work At Home

It seems that making money and starting a small online business would be a perfect thing for many retirees to do. I’m not taking about online get rich schemes and Google jobs scams that are so prevalent on the web. I am talking about learning how to make money a step at a time and working hard at it. After all, it can be done and it is certainly easier than digging ditches.

Before the Internet came along, a person needing money or a job had no alternative other than to go outside the house and look for someone who would hire them. But now you don’t need to get hired as you can learn on your own how to make money online and turn it into any one of a number of work from home jobs.

It is extremely important to note that you will have to work to succeed online. If you are not willing to work and put in the time to learn, you will NOT succeed. The title of my post was about “jobs for retirees” and if you are not willing to work and turn it into a job, your chance of success is slim. It amazes me the number of people that either think that everything online is a scam or they think that it is really easy to make money on the Internet. In fact, neither is true because there are many ways to make money that are not scams but you do have to work at them to make money. The Internet is not a slot machine.

How Do You Get Started?

Everyone gets started different ways and many end up quitting and giving up. I was convinced I would succeed but I needed to know it all wasn’t a scam too. I started with CashCrate (see my CashCrate review) and after I got my first check I realized it was possible to make money online. I have since learned how to make more and more with them.

I have also written about some risk free ways to make money if you want to get started for free or virtually for free. The best jobs for retirees it would seem from my perspective are things they can do from home on and on their own time. Understandably, you probably don’t want to to pay a lot (or anything) to get started and there are a few ways to make some money with no outlay.

If you are serious and can afford the $24.95, my strongest recommendation is this scam free way to make money which will teach you step by step how to set up websites on the Internet and have them make money. This is the way I and thousands others make money online and it is one of the best jobs for retirees if you are serious and really want to work at making money on the Internet.

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    Honesty I don’t think a lot of retirees would be happy to do surveys for a costs now. They’d rather go play Bingo I guess. 🙂 But hey, nice post. I hope they see this as an option.

    Airfare on August 4th, 2009
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    Thank you for your post,I need a work at home job that pays every week if this is a good one or if you now of a good one please email me i have spent money on so much junk,now i need one that works.

    Shirley A Kemp on August 5th, 2009