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Teenagers, Moms, kids, and everyone else are going to be going back to school soon and just because the summer is over doesn’t mean they don’t need jobs. This has been a rough summer because with less than a month to go before school, many still have not found jobs. I know this because I have other jobs blogs and teens of all ages have left comments saying how hard it has been to find a jobs that are hiring and many of them never found one at all.

Most are tempted to give up and stop looking but that is a bad idea because sooner or later you will find a job. In fact, it might be a good idea to try to find a job that will let you work part time throughout the whole year. If you can come up with the extra time and can find an employer who will accomodate your schedule, you might be able to work throughout the year and then next summer you will already have a job!

A great place to start looking for back to school jobs and part time jobs is That is THE place to go online to find the best part time and hourly jobs in your city and it is free to sign up. Even if you have had no luck so far, you need to keep trying because you never know when you will get a break. At they have all sorts of employers from companies that you have heard of like Boston Market, Kohls, Toys “R” Us, Domino’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and many others. It is free to sign up but please only do it if you are serious about finding a job.

Giving up the job search is never the right thing to do. Times are admitedly tough right now and it may look hopeless. However, things will start to turn around sometime and you need to be right there still looking when it does. Don’t take yourself out of the game just because things looks bad. If you need that part time school job you need to keep trying until you get it. Then once you get it try to figure out how to keep it so you won’t have to go through the same thing next summer.

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