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This is a guest post by Dalirin who is a blogger that likes blogging about
how to make money online
. He has also written about his number 1 way to make money online.


PPC is an expensive way to drive traffic to your site because you have to pay for the traffic. If it was that every visitor that comes to your site would buy a product, then paying for traffic is not a bad idea. But the percentage of the visitors that pay a product is usually small. And it is worst if your are a newbie. This is because newbies don’t have much knowledge about something.

Before I started my quest about making money online, I decided to get my hands wet by entering the PPC market. As usually, the first one I tried was adword. I wanted to use a $50 coupon for a free account, but the coupon didn’t work. I decided to also register with yahoo search marketing. I got a $100 coupon. I registered with the coupon, but before the coupon would be activated, you have to deposit $30. I did that and my yahoo search balance account was $120. This means that I had $120 to pay with.

Just like keyword search, I decided to promote a product that people would be interested. I chose free credit report. I chose it because people would always want to check their credit report. And moreover, it was partial free i.e. it was free for sometime, but if the person doesn’t cancel their subscription before the due date, they would charge their credit cards. The payout was like $17 for 1 conversion.

Since this was a learning experience, I read that the more you bid the better people would see your ad. I made a campaign for both adword and search marketing. Serach marketing is cheaper than adword. So I decided to start with it first. I made a single click to be $0.80. So that means that if I get 100 clicks I would spend $80, and I believed that at least I would get more than 1 conversion. For the $120, I got like 5 conversion, making me $85. I was happy because for a $30 deposit, I made $85. A profit of $60. I decide to use my knowledge to try my campaign with adword. Since I was a newbie, I broke even and I decided to quit until I get more knowledge about PPC.

Looking back at my campaigns, I realized that I need to know keyword research before I can make a successful campaign. So anyone that wants to get into PPC, I would advice you to get a coupon to use and to do proper keyword research before you start a campaign.

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    I like the way by which Dalirin gives advise to those who wants to get inside and the idea of getting a coupon to use and to do proper keyword research before you start a campaign.

    money from yahoo search on August 23rd, 2009