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Rewrite(NOTE: THIS COMPANY HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS AND DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE) If you make money online then you surely do some article marketing. In fact, many of the real successful niche marketers write and distribute a TON of articles. It can get tedious doing all that writing no matter how good you are and especially if you are writing about unfamiliar subjects. I don’t mind writing about things I know a little about but when I have to pump out 10 articles on something like “rubber roofing”, well that is a real pain in the butt.

This Human Rewriter review is written to let you know about their service and I have already spent $50 with them (see my 1/9/2010 update at the bottom of this post) and I am going to put in more. What they are is a service that will totally rewrite (NOT SPIN) any article you give them. They charge you 15 cents per sentence and you can see by the articles they return are NOT written by foreign speakers. In fact, all the rewriting staff is based in the United States. Out of all the articles I have had rewritten for me, I have only had to make a minor change here and there and the quality of the writing was great. This is no lie. 8/28/09 Update: I just got back 4 more rewrites and the quality is VERY good. Incredibly good actually.

This is not a spinning service and real people (obviously English speakers) rewrite every sentence. When you get the article returned you have the option of looking at each rewritten sentence and accepting it or rejecting it and having it rewritten. I have never had to reject anything and I doubt I ever will based on what I have seen so far.

You have all sorts of options to choose from including requesting multiple rewrites for the same article. So for instance, if you are using them for UAW, you would write your article and then submit it to them for 2 rewrites to get your total of 3 articles. The typical 400 word article has cost for me anywhere between $3.00 and $3.50. If you don’t want to write an original article yourself, you would find something on the Internet and then submit it to Human Rewriter for 3 different rewrites. It is all up to you how many rewrites per article you want but you have to pay for all of them.

The turn around time for each article is supposed to be 24 – 48 hours but right now they are backlogged and they are saying it is 4 to 7 days. This is because of all the new business they have gotten and based on my experience, I can see why. The articles so far have been returned to me all in less than 5 days though. 8/28/09 Update: as of today they are saying they are no longer backlogged.

The only really bad thing about Human Rewriter I have noticed is that they are so good! I mean, I am getting lazier and lazier and this service is going to cost me a bundle. Right now I just can’t stand rewriting stuff for Ezine Articles, UAW, and Article Marketer and this is so easy and effortless that it is hard to refuse.

No Human Rewriter review would be complete without a promo code and here it is. First of all, you can sign up for a totally free account to try them out and they will give you 5 free credits which means $5.00. You can use that any way you want to test them and I used it to have two 250 word articles written. Based on those two that I got back I decided to put in $50.00 of my own money via Paypal and for that I got another bonus.

If you then decide to put in money you will get further discounts based on how much you pay for as seen below:


I added my additional $50 and so I got 55 credits plus I used the promo discount code of “Warrior to get even 10 more credits. Since then I have added another $100.00 and gotten a $12.50 bonus for that. You can see my account below:


So, for $50.00 I got $70.00 worth of credits. Again, you get a free trial for 5 credits which you have to request when you sign up put you should be approved within 24 hours. Once you have the 5 credits you can go ahead and use them to try them out or you can add more. You will get the additional credits as shown on the chart above and you will get the bonus 10 credits for using the promo code “warrior“.

If you are looking for cheap article writing, this is a no brainer to at least try them out for free as there is no software download or anything like that. Human Rewriter is a great article rewriting service which employs only native English speakers that are based in the USA. Give them a try and you will see for yourself the high quality of the articles they return to you. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

1/9/2010 UPDATE:
You can see by the screen print below, I have now reloaded again and have put in more than $400 into Human Rewriter. They are overloaded right now again but soon it will probably be back to normal with a quick turn around time.  They continue to do outstanding work, in my opinion, and are perfect for spinning any article you want to use for AMA or Unique Article Wizard. UAW requires 3 forms of the same article for each submission and that is what I am using Human Rewriter for.


2/21/2010 Update Human Rewriter 2.0 has just launched and I will NOT be signing up for that. It looks to me like they are charging $67.00 per month just to give you the priviledge of having unique articles written from scratch. In addition to the monthly fee, you have to pay for the articles to be written so that seems crazy to me. They don’t seem to tell you anywhere how much the article writing service costs (in addition to the monthly $67) but in the video it showed a price of $11.50 for a 300 word article which is NOT CHEAP!

You get a whole bunch of other features which I certainly don’t need or want: human powered submissions, a wordspin service, and other stuff that I would never use. Perhaps if you had a huge business and needed a lot of things pumped out every month it might be worth it but for little old me, I am just sticking with the basic rewriting service.

7/12/2010 Update – I just deposited another $100 today in Human Rewriter and ordered 41 rewrites of articles ranging from 320 words to about 360. Incredibly, I just got them all back the same day less than 12 hours later. They continue to be the best quality I have seen online and they are obviously done by native English speakers. Everyone of my articles comes back 100% unique as each sentence is individually rewritten. As you can see from my stats below, I have now spent just under $700 with them and rejected nothing as all my articles have come back beautifully. Each article you submit will be 100% rewritten and come back totally different from what you submitted with perfect English. That’s my experience with them so far.

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    Sounds like a great service, I will try them out. I am SO SICK of writing content, it’s really starting to become too much.


    JR @ Internet Marketing on August 27th, 2009
  • 2

    Writing was OK for me for a while but man, like you I am so totally sick of it. Give them a try. You get at least one free article with the free 5 credits so it is really risk free.

    DayJobNuker on August 27th, 2009
  • 3

    When will somebody just create a good spinning software?

    Cheap Auto Insurance on August 28th, 2009
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    I think this application would be of great use to the people into article writing. This would save a hell lot of effort. I have never heard of a thing like this before.

    nxghosting on November 17th, 2009
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    That is what I use it for – article writing. I just put in my second $100.00 too. And the last one I had them rewrite for me was fininished the same day so all delays are over.

    DayJobNuker on November 17th, 2009
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    Unique Article Wizard now has a service that will write three different versions of an article which can then be loaded directly into your UAW account with one click.

    I’ve been testing it and the quality of the articles has been outstanding so far.

    Unique Article Wizard on November 30th, 2009
  • 7

    The service by UAW is no where near as cheap as Human Rewriter which comes in at a little under 1 cent per word usually.

    DayJobNuker on December 1st, 2009