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Report Card

2/22/10 Update: I no longer recommend this site. Too much fraud was going on with the reviews people were giving. Turns out they were paying people for the reviews and there is no way to know whether someone had ever actually used the product they were reviewing. I’ve seen several people and products that I personally know about where the reviews were obviously made up and false. So, this resource to fight scams is no longer and maybe never was that good after all.

If you have ever been scammed or almost scammed by an Internet marketing product, I have a new site that you will surely be interested in. IM Report Card is like the Better Business Bureau of make money online products and you can not only go there and research things before you buy, but it is FREE to join and participate. This is where you can go to give your honest opinions of service and products you have bought as well as your opinions of the truthfulness of some of the online “Gurus” you have dealt with.

Now there is no reason to ever again be scammed by any money making product such as the posting links on Google scam. There are absolutely tons of Bizz Ops reviewed and rated by people just like you. For instance, are you thinking of signing up to a survey site or some other “online money making opportunity”? If so, hop on over to IM Report Card first to see what others are saying about it BEFORE you hand out your credit card.

Not only that, but you can get paid for helping other people out by leaving your own review and comments as well as suggesting and rating different products. I have tried a lot of things and in one hour of leaving reviews and comments on IM Report Card about my experiences with different things, I have made about $10.00. Their payout threshold is $20.00 and you get paid by PayPal. But this site isn’t necessarily about making money but helping others from being scammed and avoiding the frauds yourself.

Where else online can you go to fight back against the scams and to help others avoid the same mistakes you have made and make money at the same time? If you are someone who is looking for ways to earn money and always tempted into buying the latest ebook system, IMReportCard is the first place to go BEFORE you buy. People are sick of being lied to by unethical marketers and fake reviews that you find everywhere on the Internet and now there is a place to fight back! Sign up to IMReportCard and start helping others by outing these dishonest marketers and by leaving good reviews of the legitimate ones.

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    Hey Dayjobnuker,

    Ever since I found Imreportcard a month ago I resort to them for all the reviews I need with online programs and services. They are top-notch and the reviews extremely help internet marketers. I wrote a post on my blog about how easy it is to make $20. Imreportcard is great!


    Teens Make Money Onlin on August 30th, 2009
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    Told ya you’d love it 😛

    Yes, I love IMRC too! I keep learning about a bunch of new SEO tools, sites that pay and more importantly, scams to stay away from. Plus I’ve been earning quite a small fortune as well.

    Great review..


    Make Money Online Free on August 31st, 2009
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    Found out recently about it and I’m glad because I joined right away. My main problem with that site is that I can’t keep my wallet out of reach. I keep finding great products that I haven’t heard of before and I want to buy them! Particularly when I see some great positive reviews on them. It’s like a drug, I can’t stay away, lol.

    Marika on November 27th, 2009
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    I was asked to give my credit card # for a charge of only (one) $1.00 dollar and Google bill me on my card for the one dollar and added $79.86 more that I did not ask for . I was not even aware of that charge until I got my credit card bill , after calling them , I asked for them to refund my money , and they said they would not do that , that I would have to pay them that amount every month . I’m s. s. will someone please help me ?
    joe at:

    joe campos on November 28th, 2009
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    IM Report Card is great!

    I’m spending 10 min/day and after a week I collected $36. Very nice if you ask me and I asked a payout.

    2 days later I had the money on my paypal!

    Believe me, A SUPER platform!

    Björn on January 2nd, 2010