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College graduates are finding the real world of job hunting to be quite a frightening place. I would love to be younger again but I would hate to be someone who just graduated college and is now pounding the pavement (or the Internets top job websites) to find a job.

Jobs for recent college graduates are at an all time low with no real end in site. Many are choosing to go to graduate school as a better option than sitting around waiting for a miracle. What is making it so hard to find that first real job is that there are fewer of them and college graduates are now having to compete with seasoned workers who have been laid off.

Entry level jobs used to be for young workers who want to get their foot in the door. Right now in 2009 and 2010 though, “entry level” is a a job title that many people will gladly take. After all, any kind of job is better than no job.

What do kids who have just graduated college do then? They have to keep looking and never give up all the while trying to keep the best attitude as possible. The more contacts they make the better their chances and never before has “networking” been more important.

During their jobs search they might look for other ways to earn money both on and offline. Rather than sit around all day, they should be learning a new skill and trying to broaden their knowledge base in order to open up more options. Jobs that are hiring are few right now and they need to find a way to make it through until the economy picks up again.

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    You are right. Building a career these days requires a lot of effort and perseverance. we must work hard. There are opportunities there but, it is only for those who are committed and positive.
    Online opportunities takes some time to become successful. At the best you can hope to work part time with these opportunities.

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