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NOTE: For those of you who have no sense of humor I must tell you this post is a JOKE. If you would like to see my how I make money for real with proof, please visit my CashCrate review page where I have both check and video proof of 3 of my checks totalling over $3,000.

No wait, make that “I earn over a million dollars a year and I will show you how you can too!”.

Or maybe this is better: I earn $6,000 a week and will show you everything. This is not a scam, here is a copy of my tax return to prove it (I wave a blank tax return in the direction of the camera).

How about this headline from the fake National Inquisitor: College Graduate Makes $2,818 Per Month in Online Venture (bottom of the story leads to a link to Google Works)

Then there is this Bill Bartman guy who has been spamming my blog nonstop for a couple weeks now who claims: “I’m Bill Bartmann, the self-made billionaire who is, for a very limited time, willing to mentor YOU on how to CASH IN on the trillion-dollars in Bank-Owned Assets that are wreaking havoc on our economy”. He also claims he doesn’t need to work 60 or 70 hours a week. What? If you are a billionaire you don’t need to work 1 hour a week!

Just for fun you should type into Google “ways to make money” or “how to make money”. Then look to the right of your screen to see all the paid ads. Those ads are freakin hilarious and if you want a good laugh click on some of them.

Many of them have videos with some schmuck telling you he’s not scamming you and you should buy his rapid profit system or some other crazy lie. The buzzwords these guys use just keep on flowing:

Thank you for landing on my website. Please watch the video below which will show you how you can amass a fortune with my proprietary make money online secret system that I use to make more than a million dollars a year. You will find this easy money system that works on autopilot while you sit at the beach to be something that anyone can do with no out of pocket investment. If you use this $1000 a week legitimate easy money cash machine to kick start your online business so you can blow off your day job, you will be able to work from home part time while you make a full time income. With a once in a lifetime business opportunity like this, you might be thinking it is a scam but this is 100% scam free with proof and if you act now (there are only 45 spots left) then you will be included in my inner circle and taught how you can change your life. Yes, dear friend, this is your chance to get in now before time runs out and start making amazing money with this magnificent money maker which you can put to work in just 6 minutes. You will make $300 in the first 10 minutes and $100 cash per hour after that so don’t delay and get our free money back guaranteed Google kit that will show you how I now make $9000 or more from home.

No wonder so many people have so much trouble getting started making money online. There are a lot of land mines out there!

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    Well you are right and wrong. If there is an offer that promises to make you rich without working hard we are looking at a scam. There are millions of scam around here. We must be extremely choosy when it comes to selecting an online offer.
    There are many genuine opportunities online. How to select these opportunities? well pay nothing. Search for a free opportunity. I found some free opportunities and I think offers like google adsense and ebay outscores all other opportunities.

    Make money online on September 5th, 2009
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    I want good job, real job , that I can do at any place from my laptop.

    what is the right sit?

    thank you

    lati on December 7th, 2009
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    I think finding a real job that you can do any place from your laptop is a dream. I don’t think there are any real jobs like that online.

    DayJobNuker on December 7th, 2009