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Do you have a communications or advertising degree? Are you looking for advertising jobs that are hiring and are you having trouble finding any? Are you wondering whether there are any advertising jobs in high demand that you can get so that you can use the training you got in college?

Interestingly, I do have an advertising degree and it wasn’t until I started looking for ways to make money online that I ever used any of the things I learned in college. Most college graduates who major in communications or advertising set out to find a job in radio, TV, ad agencies, or in advertising departments at major companies. They can make money by creating ads, buying ads, selling ads, and any of the many other things associated with the advertising industry.

I never went that route as I was scared it was too competitive and I didn’t really have a passion for it anyway. I ended up doing a variety of other things that had nothing at all to do with my college major and for that reason I always felt I had kind of wasted my 4 year degree.

It turns out that the advertising departments of companies all over the world are quickly starting to view the Internet as a very important component of their advertising efforts. Many people just don’t realize how much money is being poured into online advertising and how effective it is.

When a company takes out an ad on a sign by the road or on television, they are mostly buying brand awareness. That is obviously a very important thing to have over the long run but those ads never directly translate to money coming in right away. When you see an ad on TV for whatever product, you make a note of it in your mind and when you are in the store the next time that ad may or may not play a part in you buying that product and picking that brand.

On the Internet though, things happen more quickly and more directly. The online world is now the place where you not only see the ad but you can make the purchase right there as well. This gives the advertiser the ability to directly track the performance of their ads and find out whether they are adding to their bottom line. People have become very comfortable purchasing online and this gives advertisers all sorts of options to make the deals sweater as in the use of online coupons and rebates.

If you have an advertising degree or are just interested in advertising jobs, you might think seriously about trying to make money online. It is something that anyone can do and it involves making blogs about different things and getting paid by advertisers. The most common way to make money is to join various affiliate programs and try to sell those things to the people who read your blogs.

As an example, you can see the money I have made if you read this article on how I make money online.  Some of the money I make comes from the advertising budget of a site called CashCrate and they are willing to give me and others a small referral fee for every customer I bring them. They pay me that money rather spend money advertising themselves and it allows me to make a decent part time income. In addition to that website, there are thousands of other companies  that also have affiliate programs and will similarly pay you for every customer you send to them.

There are not a lot of jobs in high demand right now with the poor economy but the Internet is a place where you can carve out your own job if you know what you are doing. If you have the ability to write and you have some advertising knowledge, you should be able to work hard and start making money. It is something that requires little to no initial investment and the harder you work at it and the more creative you are, the more money you can potentially make!

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