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This MSN article says it all about jobs in the next 10 years: they are going to be hard to get and equally hard to keep. If you think 2009 was an abnormality with the economy and the high unemployment, get ready for more of the same in 2010 and beyond.

Everywhere I turn, I hear people talking about their work. If they have a job, they are very glad to have it even if they don’t particularly like it. If they don’t have a job, they have lots to say about how hard it is just to find employers that are even hiring. It is a serious situation for many and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

College kids are graduating and being thrown out into one of the worst economic environments since the Carter administration. What does a young college graduate do now that they are trying to enter the job market and are faced with so much rejection? Even if they can find a job, it probably doesn’t pay as much as it did just 3 or 4 years ago.

If you can’t find a job or can’t make ends meet, it seems like now is the time to learn how to make money from home online or any other way you can think of. If you can bring in any additional money this way, it can help stretch out the dollars and give you a little more breathing room.

Looking for jobs that are hiring and at the same time trying to figure out ways to make money on the side is tough, but it is a situation that many face right now. The government isn’t the answer as they are the ones that, by many accounts, have caused the problem. Many state and local governments are bankrupt anyway, as is the United States government.

Higher taxes is something we are now faced with as this new Obama administration tries to pass healthcare reform and pay for the massive 787 billion stimulus bill. Where do you think that money is coming from anyway? Doesn’t everyone realize that it is coming from our taxes, our future taxes, and future generation’s taxes? No, the government is not the answer as they are a big part of the problem. Both sides are guilty here: both Democrats and Republicans.

If you can learn how to make money at home by freelancing or some other legitimate way of selling your services online, you have a chance of making it in this new economy. The Internet has connected the whole world and it affords everyone with a connection a chance to sell their services to others who need them and are willing to pay. Just like in real life though, those that do the best work will get the most jobs and can charge the highest rates.

If ever there were a time to get involved online and find out new alternatives, now is that time. Creativity and a good solid work ethic will go a long way toward building a business or just bringing in some much needed extra money. Jobs in the real marketplace are not going to get easier to find for a long time it seems, so looking online for new work from home jobs opportunities seems like a smart course of action.  Good luck in 2010!

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    I suggest that we focus on our own individual competitive advantage. Less than 1% of people who attempt to make a living solely online actually succeed. And, with the dramatic increase in the number of people competing, 99.9% of online entrepreneurs would be better of spending their 2000 hours per year in a more financially rewarding activity. Even burger flipping pays substantially more, on an hourly basis, for 99.9% of online entrepreneurs.

    Online writers, graphic designers, affiliate marketers, etc. are growing in tremendous numbers from countries where a monthly wage of $500 will keep a family of four in relative luxury. We can’t compete in the virtual world on this basis.

    Our competitive advantage is location, location, location.
    We need to focus on products/sales that can only be provided within a 50 mile radius of Springfield. Products that people need to feel and touch, before buying, are ideal. Services where one face-to-face customer meeting per month is essential cannot be provided by someone who is 12,000 miles away!

    I predict, for 2010 to 2012, a growing domestic market for locally produced clothing, food, furniture and a tremendous expansion in the service industry for solar panel, wood burner, heat pump and wind turbine installations done by local skilled craftsmen.

    Russell Davison on January 3rd, 2010