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I signed up for an online survey company called Global Test Market a couple weeks ago. All the research I did showed they were not a scam and did pay (although a bit late sometimes). The signup process went well and after filling out all my info I waited to see what happened.

With GTM you don’t have surveys or offers to choose right there on the site like you do at CashCrate. Instead, you have to wait for the survey opportunities to be mailed to your email. Once you have a survey, you then click over to the site and get started with it.

During the two week period I was a member, I had about 7 of these survey opportunities that I was notified of. The problem is though, that after spending several minutes (or longer) onĀ each survey, I was suddenly notified I did not qualify for it.

The problem with surveys is that the companies putting out the surveys are looking for very specific demographics. Much of the time you may not qualify for the survey but you have to waste your time filling them out before they let you know (or figure out) that you aren’t what they are looking for.

Will your experience be different than mine? It might be but at least for me, I don’t have time to waste filling things out just to see if I qualify. I never got any points and you need 1000 of them to cash out. I have no idea how long that would have taken and I didn’t stick around to find out. So, I have cancelled my Global TestMarket account and am letting you know that in my opinion, they are not one of the best ways to make money online.

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    You know, there are those few sites that actually pay you to earn points unlike at lightspeed, opinion outpost, etc.

    For example, which for some reason, I haven’t had much survey offers from them but is a good site to try to earn income. They are a buck each but do them before 200 people had filled it out and after the 200 people, you won’t earn that buck a piece so for now, I made $8 since I join in November 2009.
    Mysurvey, opinionsquare, pinecone research, and a few others that I know are worth using your time since they do pay you for sure but in case any one of them let you know within a few minutes that you don’t qualify, at least they don’t make you wait like a whole half an hour to find out that you wasted your time. So far, I made pretty good at opinion square. I am waiting to earn enough in order to get a certain book that I want.

    Laurie Tam on January 1st, 2010
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    Well, i’m also a member of GTM. I joined that site a couple of yrs back and still couldn’t reach my minimum payout! A total of about 30-40 surveys came to me out of which i was qualified for only one survey!!! oh NO!!!

    Money Field For You on January 5th, 2010