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You can read about the very low job satisfaction numbers in this country here at that MSN article.  This recession is full force now and it seems more and more people are hating their jobs, hating their boss, and hating the high cost of health care insurance.

Why am I blaming this on Obama? Of course it is not all his fault but when things went bad for Bush, he got blamed so it is only fair that Obama gets blamed now. The stimulus bailout of so many big companies and Obama and the Democrats giving away so much of our tax dollars isn’t helping the situation at all. Obviously it hasn’t helped the job market with unemployment rates remaining over 10%. There are fewer jobs that are hiring than their are people looking for work.

More and more people are desperate and turning to the Internet for ways to get through this financial crisis. They are looking for all sorts of financial help from government grants and loans to debt relief and credit card consolidation help.

Many people are, for the first time, looking for ways to make money online as well and they hope that if they can learn to make money from home, they may at least be able to pay some of their mounting bills. This rush to the Internet has brought out some of the scammers  as shown here at my Google jobs scam post and the almost 200 comments.

Many people I have talked to have jobs and although they don’t love them, they are very greatful to have them. Although job satisfaction is very low right now, those that do have jobs have to consider themselves lucky. This recession has played no favorites as the company CEO has been just as likely to lose his (or her) job as the fry cook down the street. Minimum wage earners, middle managers, upper management, and company presidents have all lost their jobs with no one being able to feel safe.

It looks like it is going to remain this way for quite some time as the government keeps taking more of our money. Taxes will be going up on small businesses and that means less jobs for normal people like you and I. If government health care is passed, more will be taken out of our paychecks. It is a disaster that is just waiting to happen.

If you can learn how to make money at home via the Internet or any other way, now is the time to get started. Good luck!

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