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Many people who make money online, whether they know it or not, are really writers. Now they are not writers in the sense that they have books published and go on publicity book tours like the famous and celebrity authors, but they are writers nonetheless.

Take a look at this website and you will see that I have well over 250 posts on it. These posts are not all the same quality and they range from ones that are downright poor to ones that are a lot better. Sometimes I write them quickly and other times I am a little more interested in the topic and spend  the time to write better quality.

This blog doesn’t make a lot of money but it does make some and so I am in effect being paid to write. The more  subjects I can think of to write about, the better chance I will stumble on something that gets picked up by the search engines and gets some views which may end up making me some money.

So, although I never set out to be one, some people may consider me a “writer”. You too can make money writing on the Internet and there are a couple of ways of doing it. You can own your own blog(s) like I do and write for them hoping that you will eventually turn them into money makers. The nice thing about that is that you own all your material and it is your for life. This blog is mine and unless I decide to sell it, I can keep building upon it.

If you don’t want to be bothered with setting up your own websites or blogs, you can still make money by becoming a writer online. There are many ways to do this and I will outline a couple of them:

You can become a freelance writer – there is a big demand for writers online and you may have not known that until you start poking around. If you go to any Internet marketing forum, you will probably be able to find a thread or threads about people selling their services. These services often include writing posts for people or writing articles about different subject matters that people will pay for.

You can charge what you want to and your price can be determined by the length and quality of what you write. Some people will be willing to pay more for well written articles while others are cheaper and don’t care as much about the quality. You, as a freelancer, can set up your own rate schedule and have samples for people to see. If you write well and have reasonable prices, you may be able to get good business by word of mouth alone.

Learning how to become a freelance writer online and get your own work through forums, word of mouth, and other sources is not something you can do overnight. Like anything, it will require some trial and error to figure out what people want. what they are willing to pay, and what you have to offer them. It is your own business that you can do as you have time and grow only if it pleases you to. The bottom line is though, that if you enjoy writing or do it easily, you can make money freelancing on the Internet as there is lots of work out there for someone who is willing to put in the time to make the connections.

Write for other Web properties– Some people like to write but don’t want to be tied down to getting clients, figuring out what to charge, and having any sort of a deadline like may be the case if you freelance. These people choose to write create their own Web 2.0 properties like Hubpages.

I have seen people who have more than 1000 HubPages on so many different topics it is astounding. With these they make their money by signing up for Google Adsense and they take advantage of the revenue sharing that is allowed. Every Hubpage shows Adsense ads in several places that readers click on from time to time. If you enter your Adsense code for your Hubs, you will get 60% of the revenue generated from those clicks.

As an example, I have about 20 Hubpages that are on a variety of subjects. Each one is something that took about a half hour to write and I never bother to update them or anything. Several of them hardly get any views but a few of them do quite well and each of the last two months they have generated about $40 in income for me. Think about how much could be made per month if you had 1000 quality pages!

There are lots of other revenue sharing sites similar to Hubpages such as eHow, Asssociated Content, and Squidoo. I am sure there are even more that can be found and used to make money purely by writing.

If you enjoy writing and are good at it, the faster you do it the more money you can make. Whether you choose to put up your own websites and write for them or choose to write for other people’s sites, the fact remains that you can turn writing into a legitimate money making enterprise. So many people are out there now looking for legitimate work from home jobs or just any way to make money from home. Charging for your writing services is one way that many folks are actually doing quite successfully and it is something you control so it isn’t as scam.

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    I agree with your idea that lot of writers can earn money online.
    There are websites that were hiring writers to write about essays for example.
    Also blogging, adding Adsense ads on your blog to generate income. Blogger is considered as writer.

    essay on January 23rd, 2010