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With the Obama administration now one year into their new term, there is one thing that has been made quite clear: big government is IN! Most of the bills and reforms his administration has proposed have all involved the expansion of the United States government.

Most notably is of course the Obama health care bill that was looking like it would go through until the surprise election in Massachussets of Republican Scott Brown. Whether it passes or some cut down version does, it will still mean the government takes a bigger role in our health care.

The proposed takeover of student loans is another example of something President Obama is pushing that would shift loans from private practice exclusively to the federal government. The longer he is in office it seems, the more attempts will be made to add government workers and transfer power to the government.

Anyone looking for a job it seems, might do well to start looking to get hired by Uncle Sam. There will probably be more jobs added there than in any other industry. Besides, it has always been known that government workers take care of their own and stories run rampant that it is almost impossible to get fired from a government job. Many people in the private sector don’t like government workers for this reason and the perception that government employees do a lot of slacking.

Nevertheless, right now and in the remaining three years of Obama’s term, it is likely that there will be many new positions in the government. If you need a job now, why not look into getting hired for some state or local job or one in Washington? When you are able to get this type of work, you will most likely have all sorts of benefits that private sector jobs don’t offer and your job will most likely be more secure as well.

Under Obama, the number of US government jobs is going to go up significantly. Unlike people who work at jobs in the private sector that are always in jeopardy, people who work for Uncle Sam must feel more secure than ever. They know that, for the next several years at least, there will be little to no downsizing and they can count on their jobs being there.

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    Government jobs that pay someone $60k/yr. to do something that the private sector pays $25/yr. Retire and make more than you ever made when you were working. Benefits for life. Must be good working for the government!

    The city of San Francisco has 26,000 employees! 26,000! The Spendocrats are going wild!

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