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No one can deny that the economy right now is awful and looking like it won’t be getting better any time soon. Millions of people go to work daily knowing that it is possible that they could get laid off at any time. For many young workers, this is their first exposure to such uncertainty and the tough times look like they are here to stay. Even though our President has said he is going to concentrate on jobs, you get the feeling it won’t make much difference and Obama jobs are just not going to materialize.

If you are one of the unlucky ones that is without a job, you need to do as many things as you can to give yourself the best chance of getting hired again. Sitting around all day complaining and feeling sorry for yourself isn’t one of those productive things. You can try to make money from home online but for most people, getting a real job is the best option.

Use The Online Job Sites

Nowdays, you must have your resume posted at the online job search sites if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to have an employer find and hire you. Many companies now do some or even all their recruiting online. If you don’t have your resume online where employers can find it, you are at a big disadvantage to everyone else who does. If you are one of those people who still resists technology and computers, now is the time to start learning.

The top free job search websites are:

1) is free and is one of the biggest websites where you can search for jobs in your area and post your resume online so employers can find and view it.

2) is free and is the biggest of all the job web sites. You can both pst a resume and search for jobs.

3) Snagajob is also free and if you are looking for part time or hourly work, this site is the first place you should go.

Go To Job Fairs

If you are one of the ones looking for a job, you should seek out all the job fairs in you city. Even if they are not for the exact field you are in, it might be beneficial to go to all the ones that are related in any way to what you do. You never know what ideas you might get and what connections you might make by just getting yourself out there and mingling with both job searchers and employers.

Job fairs are great because they are a collection of companies that are all hiring or foresee hiring in the near future. Jobs are not going to come to you if you just sit home all day and getting out and making contacts is the smart thing to do.

Tell Your Friends and Neighbors

Along the same line is to tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. This includes friends, relatives, past co-workers, neighbors and anyone else that you are friendly with. This does not mean to go out and beg your friends to help you get a job: it just means to let people know that you are looking and if you are lucky one of them might be able to give you a lead or two. In this economy, your pride is not something that you should be worried about as everyone from janitors to company presidents are finding themselves out of work these days.

Use Employment Agencies and Recruiters

Many middle salary jobs are found through employment agencies and recruiters. You will find that many times, if you post your resume online at one of the job web sites, your resume will be seen by recruiters. The call or email you get will not be from the company itself but from a recruiter they have hired to help find potential candidates.

Not only are you looking for a job but companies are always on the lookout for good talent that might fit in with their corporate culture. Job finding and  has evolved and become a big business where there are lots of middlemen (recruiters) who’s only job it is to find people that might might qualify for jobs and to send them on to the various companies they work for.

Companies of all sizes use recruiters to sift through all the job candidates and find the ones that have the most attributes they are looking for. You too can use an employment agency or recruiter to help you with your job search but you will have to be prepared to pay for it.

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