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Update: I was told to remove the ad due to copywrite law but you can see what I am talking about by clicking this link and going to the bottom of the sales page. You can also Google “ispeedway” to get some very revealing reviews of the program.
See the ad above? Do you see anything fishy about that ad? Let me tell you that I have NOT DOCTORED it in any way and it is taken right from the website when you go into order.

Do you see the first 5 words in #1 being lighter than the rest? And all of #3 is in lighter text and coincidentaly that is the part that tells you that if you don’t cancel you will be dinged a $99.95 one time charge and then $69.95 per month. Section #2 is all in dark print and it is outlining how you can cancel and owe nothing if you are not satisfied. Nothing about you paying money so dark print is fine for that part I quess.

I would never sign up for anything like this just based on this ad alone! It seems obvious that they are trying to divert your eyes to #2 and hope you skip by all the parts that say how much you will owe! That is if you get that far down on the page as the part I have copied comes at the very bottom of the sales page, predictably.

I then went on to read these reviews of Ispeedway which all said to save your money. It seems like the customer service is bad and the product is less than satisfactory as well. Many people interested in using dropshipping to increase their eBay sales seem to have been the ones to try out. There are many legitimate ways to make money online and using a dropshipping service along with eBay is one of them. However, it is hard to find products that are new and exciting that people want where you can get a high enough mark up to actually make money after you pay all the eBay fees.

If you want to save yourself from headaches like this one, you should sign up for free to IM Report Card. That way you can report on the scams you have fallen for and save others from falling into the same Internet marketing traps. You might also go there before buying any new ebook or money making “system” to see what others are saying before you buy.

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    ISpeedway – Bad! Bad! Bad! I had to write the Iowa Attorney General to get my money back from this company.

    Pam Claussen on March 5th, 2010