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There are many ways to make money from home and in fact, maybe there are too many of them. This is why so many people find it difficult to get started online as they have to sift through all the possibilities and try to determine what is right for them. Adding to that is the fact that there are so many scammers out there piling on with their “systems” that might or might not work.

The online world is still a mystery to many. While the Internet has been around for a good 10 years, many people still know very little about it and how it works. My parents for instance, still don’t know what a mouse is and they probably never will. Everyone has a different level of knowledge and comfort with the Internet this makes it very difficult for many to log on and truly understand what they are reading or doing.

Making money online seems to be the best way to make money at home. Even if you were to start a home baking company or some other small business out of your house, advertising online might still be the best way to get customers and take orders. It seems every business needs to have some online presence to fully see their top potential.

If you don’t have a real offline business, you can still learn how the Internet works and how to make money on it. First you have to learn enough so that you can differentiate between what is real and what is just a hyped promise. There are so many programs and eBooks that promise one thing and never come close to delivering any of it. If you have unreal expectations that you can get rich on the Internet, you will probably fall for some of these. But common sense should kick in at some point in your journey to make money online, and you should start to be able to tell what is real and what is not.

You don’t have to spend much money on the Internet to get started. For instance, you can make money by making free Hubpages and adding your Adsense code to them. I have made about 20 Hubpages and they make about $50 per month with Adsense. You might make more or less than that depending on the keywords and subjects you pick but it is totally free to try. The more work you put in the more you should make and if you are good at writing, this is a real good option for you.

Everyone has heard of data entry work from home jobs and most (if not all) of them are shady so I have never tried one of them. But taking surveys and referring people to sites like CashCrate is something that is also free and anyone can learn how to do. The key to making money is to refer other people but you can make a good $20 to $50 a month by just doing the free offers and surveys if you like.

Inbox Dollars is another similar site where you can make money by reading emails, doing offers and surveys, and shopping. Signing up is free and there is really no reason not to. I had to send sympathy flowers last year to someone and was able to get more than $10.00 back by just placing my order through the Inbox Dollars link to 1-800 Flowers. Whenever I buy something online I look there first to see if they have an affiliation with the company I want to buy from to see if I can get an additional discount. It’s free so why not?

If you want something more involved you can try Project Payday which is something different but it can pay off for you if you are willing to learn how freebie websites work. This is something where you will get paid into your Paypal account (you need Paypal for this) and once you learn how to network with others, you can make some good money. However, this will take time and effort on your part but it is a real way to make money from home that is not a scam.

You can also make money at home if you are willing to freelance and sell your skills online. Are you a writer? You can sell your services to people who need niche articles written and you can find these people at many Internet forums. Are you a graphic designer who can make logos or website headers? If you are you can sell those services as well. I had the “nuke” image at the top of this blog made for me by someone I found on a forum. I paid for it via Paypal and they sent it to me in less than a day after I ordered it.

If you have any online skill, there might be a way to sell your services and make money right from your home. The Internet connects the world and allows people from all countries (maybe not so much China) to do business. This is a great time to be entrepreneurial because never before in our history has there been such easy access to potential clients. You don’t have to pu ads on grocery store or laundromat bulletin boards anymore to get customers. If you know how to network online, you can find all your business right there and it might be from people that are in different countries! There are tens of thousands of online forums and these are always a good place to start if you can find ones that relate to what you do or want to sell.

So, although the sheer number of ways to make money from home confuses many, it is a good thing for most of us. It allows people with all sorts of skills and interests to go online and learn how to succeed in bringing in a secondary or even primary income. While I may never be able to replace my real job, it is fun seeing how much I can make on the side and it gives me at least a little buffer if things go really bad with my job.

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    Making money online blogging is a great way to earn residual income, even though there is a strong learning curve involved.

    I have found it to work for me, but I do work hard for it, as I have about 8 blogs.

    Thanks again for your excellent post!

    Michelle Tukachinsky on February 16th, 2010
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    Thanks for the great article. It sounds like a great idea to create hub pages and use adsense on them – I’ll look into that.

    Thanks again!

    David Bouchez on February 26th, 2010