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If you are going to be looking for student summer jobs this year, now is the time to start your search. You may think that because there is snow outside you have lots of time but the truth is that you need to begin your search right away.

The economy is probably worse than it was last year, no matter what President Obama says. Unemployment is NOT going down and businesses are continuing to lay people off. Students and teens are the ones with the least work experience and so it is they that will find the job search the most difficult.

The jobs that most students will want this summer are of the part time variety. For that, Snagajob is the best place to go online because they specialize in hourly and part time jobs. If you can get a job right now while school is still in session, you might be able to keep that job throughout the summer.

Younger teens are the ones that are really suffering in this economic downturn. Last year many teenagers and students were unable to find any job at all. This will be the second straight year that the job search will be a challenge for them. Employers always want to see some job experience and if you can’t ever get that first job, how are you supposed to get job experience? It is sort of a catch 22 for many young people trying to get their first jobs.

The best way to find student summer jobs is to think of where you would like to work and then ask whether they have or will have any openings. Right now, in order to get a job you need to be brave enough to go into businesses and ask about jobs knowing you will probably get turned down. If you are able to deal with rejection and know that it is probably coming, it will allow you to not get too discouraged and keep going.

Those students who are ultimately successful in finding work will be the ones who kept inquiring  about jobs and put themselves out there over and over. You should tell everyone you know that you are looking for a summer job and the more contacts you make, the better chance you will have. If you have a resume you should hand that out so that employers will have a better chance of remembering you. You might even have simple business cards printed up with your name and telephone on them to hand out to prospective employers. It is a simple fact that the harder you work and the more effort you make to get a job, the more likely you will be successful.

There are many ways to make money but getting a job is by far the best way for your future. Student jobs are something you can put on your resume that will help you get better and higher paying jobs in the future when you get older. Just because you have heard that work is hard to find doesn’t mean you should give up and never try. If you do work hard to network and land a job, you will get a special sense of satisfaction that you overcame adversity and it will give you confidence in your future job searches. Good luck!

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