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Anyone who is thinking about working from home alone should be aware of how lonely it becomes. When you have a real job where you have to show up to work every day, you undoubtedly have co-workers of some sort to keep you company. There are lots of exceptions of course, such as night guards and truck drivers who have long stretches of time where they are by themselves. However, with most jobs you have people around you and that is usually a good thing.

When you set out to make money from home it might sound like an exciting proposition and I’m not saying it isn’t. Not having to commute, being able to get up whenever you want, and all the freedoms that go along with earning money at home are great. But if you are successful and are able to succeed long term, it will get lonely.

There are ways you can combat this and one would be to get out of the house with your laptop in tow and go to a coffee shop or library that has Wi-Fi Internet access. It is getting easier and easier to find places with the Internet and it is totally possible to work out of your home on your laptop. But even if you went to the library or some other place everyday to work just so you could be around people, it is unlikely you will be able to make friends.

One of the good things about a 9 to 5 job is the co-worker friends you might be able to make. Not everyone likes the people they work with and sometimes they can create a lot of frustration but most of the time it is good being around people you are familiar with and can befriend. Many time when a person gets fired, laid off, or quit a job they later realize how much they miss those contacts and friends they made at work.

Many people who want stay at home jobs are mothers who would like to earn a side income while looking after their children. This is about the best scenario you can have as those moms would be home anyway and being able to make some extra money without making any outside commitments is something that is very desirable. That segment of the population is responsible for the proliferation of the hundreds of “jobs for moms” websites that have popped up in the last 5 years.

But if you are single or will be in the house alone while you are working your home job, be very aware that you will feel isolated from society after a while. Perhaps not at first and not even everyday will you feel this way, but the longer you do it the more aware of that loneliness feeling you will get. It will then take a concerted effort from you to make plans and arrangements so that you can spend periods of time out in the real world and still have time at home to get your work done.

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    Definitely good advice jobnuker spending too much time on the computer by yourself will drive a person nuts.

    Free Freebies on February 23rd, 2010