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Anyone who works for a living knows that the last couple of years have been tough. The economy continues to go downhill and our nation is in more debt than ever. If you read this AP article you will not be pleased with the conclusion that we may be in a job crisis for the next ten years or even longer. Jobs right now are just plain hard to keep and even harder to find. For everyone.

Think then, what it would be like to be in this job environment and be a felon, ex felon, convicted felon, or anyone who has had trouble with the law. Things like that can follow you around for the rest of your life and right now it has to be darn near impossible to get a job with that on your resume. It is a buyer’s market for employers right now and they have the luxury of choosing only the very best and most qualified to hire.

This has got to be one of the most difficult times in our nations history to find jobs for felons. Employers are seeing that for every job they have, there are many applicants to choose from. How then, can someone with a felony on their record compete?

As I see it, the best job opportunities for any person with a black mark or a felony on their record revolve around creating their own job. This means going out an finding a need and filling it and the best place to do that in 2010 is clearly the Internet. Online, you can do business and be 100% anonymous and never fear being rejected by an employer for your past transgressions. The Internet is a great equalizer as all people can compete no matter where they live or who they are.

There are many ways to make money from home via the Internet and the more skills and ideas you have, the better your chances. If you can draw you might be able to make money as a graphic designer online. If you can write you can make money by doing freelance writing for people online. If you have technical knowledge and understand (or can learn) how to design websites you might be able to make money doing that for people. Even now in 2010, many small businesses don’t have a web presence because they don’t know how to get online. People all over the world make good money by putting up websites for people and companies.

While there might not be many job opportunities for felons in the traditional working world, the Internet is there for everyone. Nobody is going to ask you who you are or where you have been. If you have the desire to work and some ability to go along with it, anyone can learn how to make money from home. It won’t be easy but it can be done. It is entirely possible to make a job seemingly out of thin air right on the Internet and right now in this economy, it might be your best option.

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