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Now that the baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age and finding they are woefully short on money, they have a very big problem. People all over the country are losing their jobs everyday and this has been going on for several years now. 

It is especially hard on the boomer generation as this article details because employers are less likely to hire older workers than they are younger workers. Many older workers are now out of work, near or at retirement age, and they haven’t bothered to save any money. To all you baby boomers that never saved anything…..that was pretty stupid of you wasn’t it?

One of the places you can always find work is on the Internet. However, you have to know how to type and you have to learn how to log on before you can do anything meaningful on it. The older you are though, it seems the less likely you are to embrace new technology. While that is not a hard and fast rule, it does appear that older people are much slower to use things like cell phones, iPods, and the Internet. That is, if they ever get around to using them at all.

So, we now have a generation of people that comprises a huge segment of our population who are going to be relying on everyone else as they have not adequately prepared. They are finding themselves in debt, out of work, and stupidly thinking they can rely on Social Security to get them through to the end. It just isn’t going to happen and now their problem is our problem.

Many of them could actually use the Internet to make money at home and at least bring in some sort of a second income. That is if they knew how the Internet works. Too many of them have failed to adapt to the new technology and now find themselves with little hope of catching up. From the ones I have talked to, they don’t even want to catch up either. This may be a misrepresentation of the baby boomers but I think enough of them are lagging behind that it is a problem.

Many of them can use the job search websites but that isn’t too productive for them right now as the jobs just aren’t out there. They need to be able to be creative and make their own jobs online. That is easier said than done but it is darn near impossible if you hate the Internet and don’t want to learn about it. At this rate, the baby boomer generation is not only going to be left behind but it is going to drag us down with it.

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    My 90 year old father is comfortable navigating around the internet, so why would you bother to rail (look it up if you can’t comprehend the word)on an entire generation that postdates his? The only suitable answer is that you are frustrated, insignificant little man. Presenting no facts to support your inconsequential diatribe (better look that one up to, genius) your comments are only of the lowest grade of propaganda.

    Best Regards,

    Baby Boomer

    Randall Smith on March 5th, 2010
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    Congratulations to your father. At 90 he isn’t a Baby Boomer so that proves nothing. The Boomers are all going to be a huge drain on our financial system and no one has prepared for that. As a group, there should have been some preparation for what is going to happen. It wasn’t like a big secret that the biggest generation was all going to get old at the same time. But no leaders have done anything about it and many Boomers are still in debt.

    The last three presidents (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) are all Baby Boomers and look where that has gotten us.

    DayJobNuker on March 5th, 2010
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    You hit the nail on the head, almost!
    I am a baby boomer and have been working on the internet since 1999. My husband and I got our first computer in 1992. The internet was a different animal then.
    We worked and planned for our retirement and lost it all a little over a year ago. Thank you Bernie! Shortly after my husband lost his job. Nice!
    Even though my husband is an engineer with pretty impressive credentials, he can’t get hired. We have no choice but to become business owners. We need to create our future for ourselves instead of looking to an employer.
    Thankfully I have my foot into a few self built businesses online already. Now I just need to ramp up my income from these sites to replace my husbands income plus grow enough income to be able to have investments to live on for our future.
    With my husbands job he had to live with tunnel vision on his career. I am trying to bring him up to speed on making money on the internet, but there is a learning curve. This business is not something you can just walk into and make money without knowing what you are doing.
    This recession has hit many hard and the baby boomers have been hit extremely hard. Those that are able to keep their employment have taken a huge hit in their investments. Most everyone I know has been hit HARD.
    My husband and I were looking to retire in five years. Now it looks like we will never retire. And we are not alone. This is going to be a drain on society all around. Boomers will not retire now for sure, making way for younger people to fill their spots.
    I am just so grateful that the internet doesn’t have age discrimination. This is our only hope.

    Denise on March 6th, 2010
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    Thanks for all the great content Denise. Boomers have been hit hard but unfortunately many of them never bothered to save. It’s a shame and now everyone is looking to a bankrupt government to help them out. We are in big trouble I fear.

    DayJobNuker on March 6th, 2010
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    I must say that your article describes my experience perfectly. I am a freelance web developer who specializes in small business websites and, as such, have a great deal of interaction with “Boomer” age people who need to deal with technology. I have found that the vast majority of clients from that age group are not only seriously deficient in the most basic usage of computers (to say nothing of the Internet or — God forbid –social media), they have no interest in investing the time and effort to learn these things. But they definitely want whatever benefits the technology can provide.

    A Boomer myself (54 years old), I began using the Internet in the early nineties and kept myself updated through a great deal of effort. I wasn’t always a web developer. That iteration of me appeared when my previous career evaporated in the recession. I’m no genius (just ask my wife), anyone can learn these things and vast (and often free) resources to assist in the learning process are ubiquitous — online and off.

    FG on March 8th, 2010