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If you are looking for ways to make money from home, you might have come across I am writing this because if you are an Internet newbie, you might not understand what is going on over there and be confused. I know I was until I figured it out.

There Is No Product!

First of all I will tell you I have not joined and the reason I have not joined is because from everything I can tell, it is a site that is 100% MLM (multi-level marketing). In other words, it is a pyramid website that has no value at all.

They have a very professional animated video that makes you want to join. It costs $19.99 or $49.99 depending on which level of membership you want. But what are you signing up for? What are they and how will you be making money?

There Still Is No Product!

The ONLY way you make money on is to refer other people! That’s it. You refer them and get them to pay and then they refer others and get them to pay. If you sign up for the $19.99 membership you get $9.99 per person you refer. If you pay for the more expensive $49.99 membership you get $14.99 per sign up.

I have looked everywhere on the site and scoured the Internet for more information on how you make money on DollarDrip and there is nothing. The site is about a year old and the owner (Steven McCall) has gone around to many blogs leaving this comment : “You should include somewhere within this article. It seems that it the best option for college kids looking to make some extra money nowadays.”

He has written Ezine articles, ArticleBase articles, done free press releases, has a Facebook and Twitter page, and left numerous comments in forums. If you search in Google for “” you will see almost everything that comes up is his handywork trying to pump up interest in his site.

So, before you sign up to, understand what you are signing up for which is the priviledge of signing up other people to the “community”. There is no ebook, no system, not anything at all within the site that will help you make money. All there is to do is try to make money by trying to get other people to sign up.  That’s it.

If you would like something more legitimate, please see my best way to make money online.

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    I’ve never heard about this site before, but I’m glad you pointed out exactly what it was. In the first place, I wouldn’t pay that much for membership to anything.. especially if I have no idea what I’m signing up for in the first place.

    But your right, it’s not fair that the only way to make money with the site is by referring others.

    At least with sites like Cashcrate, it’s possible to make money by completing offers and surveys, without having to refer anyone. Referring others just adds to the pot.


    Make Money Online Free on March 10th, 2010