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If you are looking for summer jobs this year, you can start online but you need to get going right away before they are all gone. Jobs that are hiring that you might get this summer are from some of the companies listed below and these are great for teenagers or adults that want something hourly.

Summer jobs at Kohl’s – Apply for jobs with Kohl’s

Summer jobs at AMC Theatres – Apply for jobs with AMC Theatres

Summer jobs at Tuesday Morning – Apply for a job with Tuesday Morning

Summer jobs at Bed Bath & Beyond – Apply for jobs with Bed Bath & Beyond

Summer jobs at Toys “R” Us – Apply for jobs with Toys “R” Us

Summer jobs at Jiffy Lube – Apply for jobs with Jiffy Lube

Summer jobs at Chick-fil-A – Apply for jobs with Chick-fil-A

Summer jobs at Marshalls – Apply for jobs with Marshalls

Summer jobs at Dumkin’ Donuts – Apply for jobs with Dunkin’ Donuts

Summer jobs at Murphy’s USA – Apply for a job with Murphy’s USA

Summer jobs at Harris Teeter – Apply for a job with Harris Teeter

Summer jobs at Boston Market – Apply for jobs with Boston Market

Summer jobs at T.J. Maxx – Apply for jobs with T.J. Maxx

Summer jobs at McDonald’s – Apply for jobs with McDonald’s

Summer jobs at FedEx – Apply for jobs with FedEx

Summer jobs at Domino’s – Apply for jobs with Domino’s

Summer jobs at Verizon Wireless – Apply for Verizon Wireless hourly jobs

Summer jobs at Marriott – Apply for jobs with Marriott

Summer jobs at Sonic Drive-In – Apply for a job with a local Sonic Drive-In

Summer jobs at The Einstein Bros. Bagels – Apply for jobs with The Einstein Bros. Bagels

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    I’m 19 years,beauty girl:) and i would like to work for example waitress in New-York from June to August

    Alina Dzhusupova on March 28th, 2010
  • 2

    well a 19 year old should work only part time at a convenient store or an easy fast food place like sonic or a more expensive place, maybe olive garden

    alex hickey on April 18th, 2010