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Starting An Online Business – More Targeted Clicks Equals More Business!

This is a guest post by Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko who are the publishers of, a thriving Internet marketing company committed to helping people start and successfully operate home Internet businesses. Their website offers guidelines for every step of running your business, from finding low cost web hosting to effectively working with all of your Internet marketing tools. And for even more information on these and many other vital topics of interest for Internet marketers, you can also sign up for their free crash e-course.

It is important to know that a good E-mail marketing campaign is one of the best and most effective forms of direct marketing. Emails can reach the highest number of people in the least amount of time –for little to no extra money invested. They are great for telling new customers about the services and products you provide and they keep your current customers updated about your latest offers. Emails also provide the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketing links. And what is even better about email marketing is that their success rates are very easy to track – as a matter of fact, you can start monitoring your results instantly. Marketing simply does not get any better than that!

If you are starting an online business, here are a few simple but very important guidelines that you should follow if you are going to be a successful email marketer.

Remember that your emails to customers are your ad-copy. Treat them exactly as you would any other advertisement. Don’t obscure your marketing message in a sea of rigmarole and gimmicks. People will spot that in a heartbeat! Email marketing campaigns should be clever and concise and should immediately attract your readers – otherwise you risk losing them in the first few seconds. Make sure that you have relevant, eye-captivating content in your email – content that makes your audience want to keep reading and want go to your website. Make it immediately clear what you have to offer and why they should visit your site.

Make your links obvious. You don’t want people to have to search for them. Put them in several different places. Experiment with their placement and find out what works best. Sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error before you get it right. Don’t be discouraged by the process! Eventually you will learn what works. Links are also a great way to use affiliate marketing. Remember – every click can earn you money.

Monitor your click-through rate.Your email marketing campaign’s success is very easy to track via your click-through rate. Your click-through rate measures how many people see your email, how many respond to it by clicking through the links that you provide, and how many of those who responded actually purchase something. Being able to see this is one of the best aspects of Internet marketing. Click-through rates help you adapt your marketing strategy in the moment – something that is unique to Internet marketing. Take advantage of this benefit by monitoring your click-through rates and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Don’t let online benchmarks get you down. These benchmarks will tell you where could be. Pay attention to benchmark estimates only so that you can adjust your marketing strategy. Don’t use them as a measure of your company’s value. Eventually, you will find your marketing niche and create your own benchmarks.

Make sure that you are sending your customers information they want. First time buyers should not receive the same information as your established customers. Keep your email lists organized in a way that ensures you are sending your customers information only about products and services they are interested in. Spamming them with irrelevant email will cause you to lose them. Your auto-responder tool will help you with this.

Use your auto-responder to adapt and adjust your email marketing strategy. By now you have figured out that the easiest way to host a website is to let someone else do it! Even the cheapest web hosting plans come with an auto-responder service (and if not, it is easy to get one from a third party). This customization tool is invaluable to your success as an Internet marketer.

Your auto-responder tool should come with in-depth features to help you maintain and organize your customer lists. Auto-responders can customize emails based on relevance to specific customers, ensuring that you are not spamming them with irrelevant emails. Irrelevant emails lead to deletion and deletion leads to “No Sale.” Obviously, this is not good for your business!

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