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Do you ever wonder listen to the news and shake your head thinking: “that can’t be right”? Do you ever listen to President Obama paint a picture of how things are getting better and wonder: “what world does he live in?”? Do you ever read about the “official” unemployment numbers come out and think to yourself: “I bet they are really much higher”?

If you listen to Obama and all his cronies you will have heard that the unemployment rate is now under 10% and coming down. Like that is a good thing.

But if you have friends and spend any time out and about in the world (in other words if you live in the real world unlike our elected officials), you probably have the sense that the REAL unemployment rate is MUCH higher than 10%. The numbers the government gives you are never the real numbers and they are always low.

For instance, they don’t include anyone who wants a job but has given up because they can’t find one. The unemployment numbers don’t include people who have had their hours cut rather than lose their job and they don’t include people who have had their pay cut either. They don’t include self employed people who might be making less than they were before.

The numbers also don’t include people who might want to work but can’t find a job so they are going back to school. And how about jobs for teenagers that couldn’t find one this summer: there are teens everywhere who want to work but can’t find anything at all.

In short, the official government numbers are low because they want you to think things are better than they are. Estimates are that when you add up all the REAL people out of work, the REAL unemployment numbers might be anywhere from 16% to 25%. That’s a huge difference from what President Obama wants you to think. You need to know that even though some people still have their jobs, they might be working longer hours for less pay. THAT kind of statistic is nowhere to be found in any government numbers.

The real unemployment rate is why so many people are trying to find work at home jobs and ways to make money. They are desperate to find some sort of way to get a second job to supplement their income or maybe even get any sort of income at all. They need money and things are bad out there and only getting worse.

Even though Obama says things are getting better with the economy, your personal experience probably tells you otherwise. So, you are left wondering: “Is it just me that is having trouble trouble? Am I the only one?”

No, you are not the only one and unemployment is higher than you might think. People are in debt and unemployed all over this country with no real signs of it getting better. All you can do is keep looking for a job or try to start some home business on your own. Take matters into your own hands if you can but that is easier said than done. Good luck out there.

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    The officials of the government always telling that our economy was getting better but based also in my own experience, I did not agree about that. Many people out there don’t have any job but they were trying their best to look for a job that meet their needs. Thanks for posting this article.

    Home Business Australia on August 19th, 2010
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    I personally feel that the true unemployment rate is at 17%. Under employment is at 27% . Obama is putting alot of spin on the economy, But lets not forget that in the eight years of Bush we lost no less than 500 jobs every week overseas, obama inherited the second great depression. Until we stem the flow of jobs overseas then any job creation will be futile, like bailing water in a leaky boat, unless you stop the leaks youi will still sink.