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I woke up this morning to find another payment in my PayPal account. That payment is for July 2010 and it was for $80.19 and that payment is my 8th so far from them. It shows they are definitely not a scam and one of the few GPT / Survey sites that will pay you via PayPal. You can see how much I have made so far by looking at the banner above which gets updated every time I earn more money.

You can get paid by check, Paypal, or gift cards from Target, Walmart, and Amazon. I of course want the cash and the Paypal payment each month works great for me.

You can earn money on by doing free offers, free surveys, free quizzes, and lots of other things. If you use their links to shop online at many online outlets you get cash back that way too. You can also make money by doing referrals. If you want to use your credit card (totally optional) you can sign up for some offers that have a trial period and you get more for those. However, you NEVER have to give your credit card and signing up is 100% FREE.

This is one of the few sites that allows anyone 13 and older to sign up and they start you off with a free $5.00 in your account! I will say that the SquishyCash site is a bit confusing at first so it might take a while to get used to. There is a lot going on there and you have to figure out how to navigate the site until you get things figured out. But once you do, you can use them to get a nice PayPal (or check) payment sent to you each month and it is just another one of the ways to make money that I have been successful with.

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    Thank you for the informative post about Squishy Cash, as an Australian I do not have any surveys or many offers available to me from get paid to sites, so everything I make is from referrals and with the $1 bonus per active referral which matches CashCrate makes it very appealing, this is a site I will be definetly be this checking out and you may just have a new referral, thanks

    Website Designing Company on December 7th, 2010