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If you want to learn the best way to build a poker bankroll, at virtually no risk to you, then read on. It will surprise you that it has nothing to do with poker but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I want to state right from the start, I am not trying to sell you anything. I don’t care one bit whether you sign up or don’t sign up for the two things I am going to tell you about.

If you are reading this then you are probably a break even or losing player at online poker. You want to keep playing but you don’t have the money. You watch TV, read Card Player and the Two Plus Two forum, and do everything you can to figure out how to build an online poker bankroll. It would help if you were a winning player but that is not what this post is about. It is about how to build a bankroll and stay in the action.

The answer you are looking for is this: AFFILIATE MARKETING

See this blog you are reading? It makes me money every month. I used to play online poker but now I am an Internet marketer. This blog makes me more money than I could make at online poker and I never have a losing day. Read that again: I NEVER HAVE A LOSING DAY! I never slam my mouse down and break it after a bad beat. I never get so pissed I could throw my laptop out the window. And I never get sucked out on with top set to a guy that flops middle set and rivers quads. Every day is a winning day when you are an affiliate marketer.

If I can do this then you can too. If you can play poker online and deal with multi-tabling, losing your bankroll, getting sucked out on and all the other crap that goes with poker, then you probably have the tools to become an Internet marketer.

It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Once you learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you can use that money to play poker. You will have a steady stream of money coming in that will keep you in the action every day of every month. Your bankroll will grow and it will be up to you to become a winning poker player.

You might like Internet marketing so much that you even cut back on your poker to devote more time to it. It will be your choice.

One more thing. There are lots of online poker players that make money from homethrough affiliate marketing. People who are in their 20’s and 30’s pick up stuff fast and learn things easily. This has been the case with the boom in online poker and it is true with affiliate marketing as well. Most of the people doing it are on the young side.

How do you get started?

You can learn how to start making money at The Keyword Academy. It is totally free the first month so it is zero risk to you. After that first month, if you don’t cancel it is $33.00 per month. You will learn how to start your own blogs and websites that sell things and you get a cut. Please read my review of The Keyword Academy for lots more information.

What is affiliate marketing? It is where you have one or more websites that has affiliate links on them and you get a cut every time someone signs up for what you are selling through your link. If you are a poker player, every link you clicked to go and sign up to a new online poker site was an affiliate link. Every link on is an affiliate link. They get paid when you sign up for anything on their site.

The Keyword Academy will teach you how it all works. Everything you need to know to succeed with a thriving Internet affiliate marketing business is right there. And it is 100% free the first month.

Do I Have Any Proof?

I don’t show what I make except for my biggest referral program. CashCrate is the place I have made the most money and it has, in my opinion, one of the best referral programs out there. It is where I made my first paycheck online and I am still going strong today.

You can see by the banner how much I have made and it is all through getting referrals to their site. I know that can be faked but it isn’t. I have made that in about 3 years time but that shows that it is possible to build a nice poker bankroll through affiliate marketing.

I know that Internet marketing is less glamorous than poker and you can’t get on TV doing it. But if you ever want to be on TV, be at a final table, or even hoist a World Series Of Poker bracelet over your head, you need to be able to keep playing. You need to be able to stay in the action.

Learning how to make money online through Internet marketing is by far the best way to build a poker bankroll for the average person. This is how I did it and many others are doing it every day.

If you have any questions leave a comment below.

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    I am interested in internet marketing and desperately need extra cash
    flow. I also have no money to put into starting anything new. Please
    send me more info on this program and how to get started.

    Robert Calhoun on October 9th, 2010
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    If you have no money to start, please read my article on how to make money risk free.

    DayJobNuker on October 10th, 2010
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    It says its free.. But they wont a credit card number.. I dont have one and really wanted to sign up because i have a newborn baby boy and i cant support him.. It is so hard to find a job and even if i did i have no one to watch my son. That’s why I turned to this site because I long to support my baby boy and apparently I cant do that without a credit card.. I guess things were not in the cards for me.

    Megan on November 18th, 2010
  • 4

    You do need a credit card or a Paypal account but you will not be charged for the first month. If you cancel before the first month ends you will never be charged anything.

    DayJobNuker on November 18th, 2010