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The story is all over the Internet today: shoppers spent more than 1 BILLION dollars on Cyber Monday a couple of days ago for the first time ever! Is there any doubt online shopping is here to stay? The fear some people used to have about buying things online is certainly long gone. Every retail company in existence should have a website now and be actively promoting it.

Affiliate Marketers Got Their Share!

That 1 billion dollars was spent in one day mind you and a lot of affiliate marketers got their small share of it. Many companies have affiliate programs that are free to join. Start a blog and send people to those stores though the affiliate links they give you. When a person makes a purchase through one of those links, you get a small percentage of what they spend. If they buy a book you might only get a quarter but if they buy a vacuum cleaner you will probably get $10.00 or so. That is how affiliate marketing works and how a lot of people make their money online.

There are all sorts of other legitimate ways to make money on the Internet but I am not going to go over them here because most of them involve a lot more work than affiliate marketing does. For the average person who has an hour or so to spend every day at it, affiliate marketing is their best bet. It is cheap to get started, requires no inventory, and can be learned at their leisure.

Don’t Know Where To Get Started?

There are tons of eBooks on the subject and tons of websites with information about it. But if you really want to learn your two best choices in my opinion are:

Rosalind Gardners Affiliate Marketing Handbook (one time $47.00 charge)


The Keyword Academy (free for the first 30 days and $33.00 per month after that)

Either way you can’t go wrong as Rosalind Gardner is one of the best affiliate marketers around and her eBook is comprehensive and complete with all the knowledge you need to get started.

The Keyword Academy is also a good choice because you can have access to all their material for free in the first 30 days because they are confident you will find it to be the best training site on the Internet and want to stay (go here for my Keyword Academy review)

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