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11/17/2011 Update – another way to make money writing is to set up a big PLR store. Please see my detailed “how to” post on how to make money writing PLR articles.


If you are looking for work from home jobs on the Internet, one of the real ways to do that is to set up your own writing for money business. Now obviously, if you have diffuculty writing, this job is not for you. Generally the better you write and the faster you can write about a variety of subjects, the more money you can make and the easier this kind of job will be for you.

The Internet is the one place you can set up shop and sell your services to anyone in the world. In this case, you would be offering your services as a writer for anyone who needs things written for them. There are thousands of Internet marketers who pay other people to write some or all of the material they put online and this GhostwritingCash course from Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy will show you how you can get started and set things up.

The good thing about being a service provider and writing for money online is that you can get paid immediately for the things you write for others. You can charge as little or as much as you want, ask for payment upfront or get paid after you deliver, and you can set your own rules because it will be your own business. You will have to figure out how much to charge that is a competitive rate and the more satisfied customers you get, the more your business will grow by word of mouth and by other means. But don’t worry, GhostwritingCash will show you step by step how to get started on all of this including how to set up your own website that will serve as your storefront.

Lots of people who come to this blog want to know how they can make money online and this is a very real way. Writing for money is the way many people get started making money online and it is something that you can do that will bring in some cash right from the start. I myself spend about a $100 per month having other people write things for me and I know of others who have monthly budgets in the many hundreds of dollars. You see, not all Internet marketers write their own material because they don’t have the time or they aren’t good enough writers.

With GostwritingCash you have a solid 60 day money back guarantee and you have two time tested Internet marketers showing you the way.

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