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I recently bought Dragon Dictate 2.0 for my Macbook Pro and I thought I would do a quick review of it to show you just how good it is. I was very hesitant to buy it as I have heard so many bad things about speech recognition software and from what I read everywhere, it always has seemed like they just couldn’t get it quite right.

For me at least, they have gotten it right this time!

You can get Dragon Dictate 2.0 at the website for $199.99 here – Dragon Dictate.

However I bought mine at Amazon where they had the best price of about $129 with free shipping Dragon Dictate 2.0 <—–Best Price Online

As I said in the video, I am used to thinking something and then typing it. I can then adjust words or use new words to make it sound just right. It is hard to do that with Dragon Dictate as you really want to get it right the first time. I am having a hard time thinking and talking smoothly at the same time but I assume I will get better at that the more I use it.

I didn’t make any errors in the video so I wasn’t able to show it but it is quite easy to delete a whole sentence or a specific word. There are a lot of commands that I haven’t learned and used yet but I am very happy that it does such a good job almost right out of the box. There was a quick and painless short training session where I had to read something into the microphone so the software could get used to my voice and then it was ready to do just like you saw in the video.

Since I am trying to make money from home through affiliate marketing, I will be using Dragon Dictate 2.0 to write many of the articles I send to Ezine Articles and other places like that. I thought I was fairly good at typing (about 60 words a minute) but I am finding that just talking is SIGNIFICANTLY easier. It is amazing how much easier it is to just talk than have to type every word out like I am doing right now. Much less stress on the hands and arms as well.

If you have any questions pleas leave a comment and I will try to answer it.

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    Thank you for that video, it was nice to see Dragon Dictate in action from an actual user and not one of the presentation videos I have seen.

    You mention towards the end of how much faster it is for you, and that you were about 60 words per minute when typing.

    Just for fun, have you tried measuring how much faster (words/minute) you are with Dragon Dictate?

    Anyways, thanks for the effort and the tip, I’m off to get a license!

    Lars Koudal on February 12th, 2011
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    I’m not sure how much faster it is for me but as I said it is EASIER. I think it is faster but the key is that after a long day of using Dragon Dictate I am not as tired as I am after a long day of typing.

    DayJobNuker on February 12th, 2011