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I signed in to my iTunes account the other day and found out I had less than $4 in my account when I should have had about $25. Further research showed that my account was hacked and an unauthorized purchase had been made in the amount of $19.99 for a Chinese poker hold-em App.  My address was also changed and this is happening all the time to lots of people.

Actually I was lucky as it could have been MUCH worse I soon found out after going to the Apple forum. There were TONS of complaints in the forum from people who had hundreds and even thousands of dollars taken out of their credit and debit cards after their iTunes accounts were hacked. Seems like Apple has a big problem with the App store right now because people are all telling the same story: Texas Hold-em apps being charged to their account and their address being changed.

I DID get my money back and you can too. Watch the video to find out how and see what I’m doing to get FREE iTunes gift cards :

Swagbucks is 100% free to sign up to and you can make enough money there by doing simple Web searching to get fee iTunes gift cards. More and more of us are using iTunes for Apps and movies and we need money in our iTunes account to buy them.

These free Apple gift cards come in handy for me, making it so I haven’t ever had to give my credit card, debit card, or PayPal out in order to make purchases. After this ordeal with my hacked iTunes account, I don’t think I will EVER want to give them any credit card information.

With these Swagbucks gift cards, the worst that I can lose if it happens again is the amount of a gift card and that was free anyway. It’s good to know they will never be able to cause havoc with my credit card as long as I can keep getting these free iTunes gift cards.

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