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I get several emails every day from people asking me how to make money online. Over the last couple years, these emails have slowly become more and more desperate. Here is one line from an email I just got this morning:

“I’m in big trouble here as I am real close to foreclosure and I have unpaid medical bills. I really need to start making some money.”

The last two years have been awful for many people. High unemployment, high debt, foreclosures going through the roof, and many employers cutting back hours and/or pay for those that did keep their jobs. This is an extremely worrisome time in our country and increasingly, around the world.

But if you wait until you have lost your job, your house is close to being foreclosed, or you have tons of unpaid bills, IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE! You have to start looking for ways to make money BEFORE things get to that critical stage.

The Internet is not a place where miracles happen. You aren’t going to go online tonight and be making enough money tomorrow to pay your bills. It just doesn’t happen that way. It takes work, knowledge, and time to start making money if you need more than just a dollar here or there.

Unfortunately most people don’t think far enough ahead and then when something bad happens, like being laid off, they are unprepared. Even though everyone should know by now that the economy is awful and that jobs are super hard to find, they wait until the last minute to make preparations.

If you want to make money online you can: yes, it is possible and I am proof of it. But I started looking for ways to make money long before I lost my job. I knew I may not have my job forever and I went online to see what I could make there. I see far too many emails these days from people saying “I NEED MONEY” and they come from pure desperation. Unfortunately if you are at that point, there is little hope other than to get a real job.

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