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It seems that whatever can be done in the real world can be done online. Now you can even pawn things without ever leaving your home!

If you are one of the millions of people saying “I need money!” at the end of every month, you might give a try. In tough economic times like these, pawn shops always do big business because they are the ones you can always go to if you need a loan and have something of value. Banks may turn you down for the loan you need but your local pawn shop won’t, if you have collateral to put up.

Pawngo is one of the only real online pawn shops and they give you FREE SHIPPING (and insurance) with everything you send to them. Understandably, because your items have to be sent through the mail, they DON’T want items like televisions, collectibles, guns, tools and many other things that regular brick and mortar pawn shops would take. Instead, Pawngo would like you to send them your diamonds, jewlery, watches, most any Apple products, and digital SLR cameras.

You can get a quote from them first before you send anything in and you can choose to get a loan or have them buy your items outright. If you just need a loan, you will be able to borrow based on the value of what you send them. Your credit history, job history, and anything else is meaningless and that is why pawn shops are so popular now. If you have things of value you will be able to get the loan you need, no questions asked.

When choosing to pawn your items with Pawngo in order to borrow money, your items will be stored until you pay the money back (with interest) or your allotted time runs out. If you don’t pay the loan back they will then resell your things and you will lose them so make sure you are able to pay the money back on time if you want your items returned to you.

Is this all safe? The BBB gives them an A rating (Internet Pawn, Inc. is and they have been written up in publications like Forbes, Newsweek, Smart Money, The New York Times, Mashable, and Slate. I have never tried using them myself but with all the media coverage they have gotten, it seems they are reliable and a good alternative for people needing money and not wanting to get a bank loan. Learn more about Pawngo in the video below:

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