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I hated my job and because of that I started this website. Rather than sit around and complain about their work situation like so many people do, I did something about it and that was to learn everything I could about how to make money through affiliate marketing. While I was never able to “Nuke” my job exactly like I had wanted to, I did have this website to fall back on when the time came for me to quit.

Too many of us dislike what we do but we continue to do it year after year. The reason is simple: we need to make money to live. I understand that we all have bills to pay and keeping a job is of the utmost importance, especially in an economy like this one. However, I think we become too complacent and accepting of the premise that we can’t find something better. We come up with this reason and that reason why we think no one would ever hire us for a better job and because we never try, we end up staying at the job we dislike.

Not everyone can be or will be successful in finding a job they like that pays enough to make ends meet. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. I worked hard learning affiliate marketing WHILE I had a full time job. I came home after work every day and put in additional hours in front of the computer writing for this blog and others. It wasn’t particularly fun but I sensed that I needed to do it so that I could be happier down the line. I was willing to sacrifice early on in hopes that it would pay dividends later.

I see people who constantly complain about their work situation yet they NEVER do anything about it. I don’t understand that mentality. You only have one life to live and that means it is up to you to go out there and make your situation better. At the very least, you should try.

Complaining about your job or your work situation isn’t going to make it better and it will annoy everyone around you. Get out there and explore what your options are. Learn new skills, apply for different jobs, and work hard to find something better or more enjoyable than you have now. It won’t be fun. But sometime later in life you will be very glad you did.

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    I honestly found myself in the trap of being stuck in a dead-end low-paying job – at Wal-Mart of all places – simply because I didn’t have much hope of finding anything better. It took an abrupt unemployment of over a year and a desperate struggle for survival to get where I am now — but I’m in a much better place in life. It’s always possible to do better, and the more skills you develop in life, the more ways you can find to do better in life. In the end, you’re only limited by yourself.

    Austin Cushing - Anchortex Corporation on October 19th, 2011