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I try to provide proof whenever I can for the different ways to make money online that are legitimate. Today I have screen prints from three of them that have just paid me in October 2011.

All of these are free to join and while you won’t make a whole lot with any one of them, you can make payout each month and put a combined $60 or so in your pocket. Remember, you don’t have to make all your money online doing just one thing. Participate in lots of different websites like these that are all legit and you can make good money collectively.

The first payment is from Squishy Cash where I have earned over $700 in about a year and a half. I usually get one of these payments each month and you can to. They pay by Paypal which is nice (other payment options available) and they have been around for years. You make money by doing offers, completing surveys, free trials, and other things. Squishy Cash is legitimate and WILL pay you as my screenshot shows.


My second payment is from a similar site called Treasure Trooper. They have also been in business for years and they pay via Paypal as well. I have always gotten paid by them right on time and so should you. They also have offers, surveys, and other similar things to do to make money as well as online treasure hunts and other fun things. Again, Treasure Trooper is free to join and they WILL pay you once you reach the $20 payout amount.

















My third payment came in the form of two $15 iTunes gift cards from Swag Bucks. This is a great site that pays me to use their search engine instead of Google which is what I do. You can see that I have gotten five $15 cards from them so far and you can choose to get paid in all sorts of different ways and prizes. I choose the iTunes cards because I need them to buy Apps for my iPad2 that I just bought. You can watch my video and learn more about how to get started making money with them here —> SwagBucks review/tutorial.

Again, I want to stress that I make money like this every month and it doesn’t bother me that I make $20 here, $30 there, and so on. You see, there is free money out there and all you have to do is know where to go and be willing to spend a little time doing it every day.

At the end of the month it all adds up and definitely helps pay the bills. If you are someone that needs money, websites that are trusted like these three can help out greatly and remember, you can get this money without spending anything. I don’t spend a dime on these sites, I have NEVER given them my credit card number, and I only do the free things.

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