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A lot of people come to this blog looking for ways to make money online. Today I have one of the real ways you can do it and that is to become a PLR writer. This is something you can turn into a real business and when you start getting devoted repeat buyers, you really can make some great money. HOWEVER, it is NOT something that can be done overnight and it is NOT something that is easy. However, there are people online who make upwards of $20,000 a year writing and selling PLR content. This is how it is done.

What Is PLR?

PLR stands for “private label rights” and it is content you create (usually articles but it can be videos and audio as well) that you sell to people – and you sell the same thing over and over and over to different buyers. The more content you create, the more money you can make, especially if what you are producing is top notch.

The Internet has obviously exploded and with it there is a tremendous need for written content. Blog owners and Internet marketers have a never ending need for quality articles on topics they might not know much about or have the time to write about. They need written content that they can use on their blogs, send to their mailing lists, give away as freebies, and do all sorts of other things with. Many times, they are willing to pay for that information as long as it is written well and has value.

PLR Is Meant To Be Rewritten

You might be wondering how you could write articles and sell the exact same thing to lots of different people? Why would they buy it knowing that it is not unique? The reason is because PLR articles are usually meant to be REWRITTEN by each buyer. You see, it is much easier for someone to rewrite and reword an article than it is for them to write it themselves the first time. That is why they buy it. They save time researching and creating information on a topic they know little about and rewording a PLR article is relatively easy.

Lots of Internet marketers make money from niche websites centering on topics they know nothing about about and they have ghostwriters, guest post authors, and PLR articles help them out with the content on their sites. If they can publish quality content on a niche website, many good Internet marketers will be able to convert that into money through product sales and advertising.

You Need To Be Able To Write Well

There is no doubt, if you want to make money as a PLR writer you HAVE to be able to write well. You also need to be able to research topics you might be unfamiliar with in order to write about them. If you can’t do those two things, I would say this is not the type of business for you.

However, if you are a good writer (good grammar, punctuation, clean and concise sentences, etc) then you might want to give something like this a go. It is a business that will start out slowly and build up momentum with every new article pack you put up for sale. When you start out you will have nothing to sell but as you create new content week after week, your inventory will grow and with it will your opportunities to make money.

Creating A Name For Yourself

Being a good writer and creating excellent content is just part of what is needed to make this work. You also have to get sales and that means you really need to get your name out there and make a name for yourself. The good PLR writers get lots of repeat business and word of mouth business from happy customers. But people have to find you in the first place!

The Internet is all about being social these days and for any PLR writer that means having your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and being active and helpful in Internet forums. The more you connect with people and try to meet different Internet marketers online, the more chances you will have of advertising to people who will buy from you. Be likable and helpful because it goes a long way towards making acquaintances that could turn into future customers.

Internet marketing forums are a great place to network and build a reputation. The biggest one for this is called the Warrior Forum but there are dozens of other very popular ones as well. Within these forums are always people selling their services and building up their reputations.

Someone who does this EXTREMELY well on the WF is Tiffany Dow who basically is a professional writer. She has made her living ghostwriting for other people and now she makes the bulk of her money selling her own PLR content, eBooks, and doing other projects. She is someone who has been there and done that with writing for money and it is mainly through her blog and the Warrior Forum that she has built up a loyal following. The loyal following and the quality content she creates is what make her money.

Word of mouth and a great reputation is the BEST way to get customers in any kind of business endeavor. It means people are coming to you without you having to go to them. It means you are creating something that can last for years as long as you keep producing and delivering what people want.

Your Own Website Is A Must!

To really be successful at this you are going to need to have your own website. It is just a fact that in order to have a place to sell your PLR and look professional you need a web presence. Without one you will most likely never be able to make anything substantial online. A lot of people get turned off by the thought of having a website because they think it is expensive and impossible to learn. The truth is though, that you can buy a domain name for about $10 (which is good for 1 year) and get web hosting for about $4 per month. That means a total expenditure of under $60 per year which will seem insignificant as time goes by and you start making money.

Starting and running your own blog (website) isn’t the scary nightmare anymore that you might be afraid of. It is 2011 now and most blogs run in an easy to install WordPress system and have themes you can install with a push of a button. Five to ten years ago websites were much more difficult and intimidating to put up but that is really a thing of the past. I have always used Hostgator and they are one of the most trusted names in web hosting as well as one of the biggest. They have video tutorials and phone support that will help even the greenest of newbies get their sites up.

Creating Quality PLR Articles

At the core of your business, never forget that writing great articles about subjects people need is where you will earn your money. PLR articles are most often sold in packs of 5 to 10 and sold for $1.00 per article. That means a pack of 5 articles might sell for $5 and a pack of 7 would go for $7. But don’t forget, those packs you can sell over and over and over. Your money will be made by having a lot of these article packs available for purchase and making a lot of these “small” sales.

PLR articles usually have between 500 and 1000 words in them. They are well written, detailed, and obvious effort has to be put into each one. Your business will depend on putting out a superior product that marketers trust and want to come back to buy more. As in life, the better you are at giving people something valuable that they can use, the more money you will probably make.

How Do You Know What To Write About?

This is an important question. You can’t just write about anything. It has to be about subjects, topics, and products that are in demand by buyers. The longer you are in this business the more you will learn about this and your customers will tell you also. But until then you will have to figure out yourself what to write about by asking around in forums and doing other research on your own.

Another way to learn this PLR business from top to bottom (including what to write about) is to get Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM guide. Pretty much everything you need to know about getting started writing and selling PLR is in this guide. She is a real person that will answer your email questions and respond to you on her blog. You should watch the video on her sales page and learn who she is and who she thinks will do well with a PLR business. Tiffany has been around for many years and her reputation is of the utmost importance to her.

In Summary

Becoming a PLR writer and building your own personal brand is a great way to make money online. With an ever expanding inventory of article packs on a wide variety of subjects, you can slowly and consistently turn it into a full time income if you are ambitious. There are lots of people successfully doing this very thing right now and there is always room for one more.

The best part is that you really can do this all from your home computer. All you need are good writing skills, a computer or laptop, and a reliable Internet connection. How far you take it will depend on how much you like doing it and how much time you have to devote to it. Your online interpersonal skills could also help you tremendously if you are good at that sort of thing as it will help you make contacts and word of mouth.


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