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This is my opinion so please take that into mind while you read this. Also you should know that I have never used but am basing this opinion on an email I (and thousands of other people) got from Brad Callen who owns iWriter.

First of all, you can make money online by writing for others. It is one of the legitimate ways that anyone can start online from nothing and slowly build up a business. The better you are and the more you work at establishing contacts and customers, the more you can make. (see how to make money writing PLR articles and writing for money) Most importantly, you can and SHOULD make a lot more than the 50 cents per 100 words or so you will make from iWriter. Even as a total beginner, you should be making AT LEAST double that amount.

This is part of the email that was sent to Brad’s email list the other day. He is trying to get business for his iWriter site and bragging about how cheap each article is:

Getting a good deal is great for the buyer but not for the seller. And in the case of iWriter, you as a writer would be the seller. At 67 cents per 100 words, that doesn’t leave much profit for a writer and certainly you will be making much less than minimum wage. If done correctly, a good writer can slowly build up clientele and make $2 to $5 per 100 words or maybe even more if you are successful building a PLR business.

So, you definitely should never settle for the pitiful wages you will get with iWriter.

In addition to the low price, the email states how utterly easy it is for the buyer to reject work. In fact, he advertises that as a selling point, almost encouraging prospective clients to be picky and reject. That is not a good thing for writers and lots of buyers will take advantage of that and you. They will reject your hard work and then try to steal it and use it for free.

I do know that there are different levels of writers at iWriter and you can work your way up the ladder and make more as your writer score increases. So you might be wondering whether it is a good place to start out as a novice and learn the article writing ropes? Perhaps you could do that but it is important for you to realize that good writers should be charging more for their work than what you will start out making at iWriter. If you choose to write for iWriter, you are being underpaid!

There is a perception online that good deals are everywhere and everything is cheap. But good quality content is not cheap and should have an appropriate price tag. If you are a good writer, you DO NOT have to be charging pennies for your work.

There are lots of free forums (and ones you have to pay to belong to) where you can start making contacts with people who need writers. This is a business where word of mouth will make you more money than anything else. Start by finding a couple of people who need articles written and if you can deliver quality content that they are happy with, ask them to recommend you. You can slowly raise your prices and build up a loyal base of people willing to pay for your hard work. It is totally possible to make $100 or more per day writing content for website owners and all it takes is some patience getting your first clients and some consistent marketing on forums where Internet marketers hang out.

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