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There is no doubt that the “I need money” crowd is expanding in this prolonged bad economy. 2012 is almost here and there is no sign that anything is getting better. Unemployment and underemployment remains high and many people are becoming desperate.

Making money online is possible but it requires work. If you aren’t willing to do work then stop reading and don’t even try because you are wasting your time. However, if you are willing to get busy learning how to do it, read on.

Are You For Hire?

The fact is that you can make money by offering services to other people and you don’t even need a website to be successful. Having a website is useful but not necessary when you set up shop in one of the many forums that cater to Internet marketers.

Internet marketers have money to spend on writing jobs, graphic design jobs, and all sorts of other tasks that they need done. is a good place to go to see what services people are offering and buying. But at you don’t make very much per gig so that may not be the best place to offer your skills. Forums are a much better place.

Which Internet Marketing Forums?

Forums are where like minded people hang out and exchange ideas. It is also where they exchange services. Some Internet marketing forums are free and some require a monthly fee to join so it is a good idea to sign up to a few of the free ones first and take a pulse of each place. Some are more receptive than others to having people sell services and some you have to pay to be listed. Then there are forums that won’t let you sell anything on them at all so you have to search for ones that will.

Digital Point and the Warrior forum are the two biggest that cater to Internet marketers. Because they are so big they can be overwhelming and it will take time to figure things out. The fact is that there are people who make lots of money on those two forums so they are worth checking out. Wicked Fire and IM4Newbies are two that are a bit smaller. There are dozens of similar forums where you can start your own thread advertising your writing service or whatever else you have to offer.

Paid Forums Can Be Best

Some forums cost $10 or so per month to join and because they cost, they are usually a bit smaller. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as they are comprised of a tighter community and you can become known much more easily. The more people who know who you are (because of your participation etc.) the easier it is to get people to pay for your outstanding skills. Getting known and participating is key because you need to get those initial orders which will hopefully turn around and give you good reviews.

Getting business/clients on forums is often through word of mouth and if you provide a great service at a competitive price, people will go out of their way to recommend you. I am familiar with many people who make money writing articles and they get all their business from forums. They don’t even have a website!

Forums are great because they are communities of people who all talk to each other and if you have something valuable to offer that people need, word will get around. Usually I always recommend having your own website but if this type of scenario sounds appealing to you, it is one way that you can make money online without having one.


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