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If you want to make money from home online, it is confusing where to start. Very confusing. Especially so if you are drawn into clicking and buying things from ads like this one:

The whole premise that an 18 year old kid could have made over half a million dollars is ridiculous but what is more crazy is that if he had really made that money why would he be bothering to try to sell anything to you? Wouldn’t he just keep doing what he is doing and continue to rake in the big bucks?

These preposterous advertisements have been online for 10 years or more but they are still around so I guess they work. Here is another one that draws you in and makes you want to click on it just to see what is on the other side:

Behind each ad like these is usually a VERY long sales page that goes on and on and on about some new system for making money. These sales pages are very slick and enticing with well made videos, tons of testimonials, bullet-points, and dozens of reasons why you would be a fool to pass the offer up. These ads are written by professional copywriters who are very good at making something sound WAY better than it is.

In short, 100 out of 100 of this type of advertisement is pure BS!

If you truly want to learn how to make money online, you need to curb your addiction to buying the crap that is peddled in these ads. If they say it is a “system” run far away. There is no system for making money online. If they say anyone can do it you should also run far away. Making money online is hard and no, not everyone can do it. If they say it is easy you should run and hide too. Making money online is NOT easy and there is no push button system that will spit money out of your computer, no matter what they say.

I don’t even have any idea what those specific ads are for but they are so preposterous that I instinctively know that they are misleading and a waste of money. YES, YOU CAN MAKE GOOD MONEY ONLINE but it is not easy and you will have to work!

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