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First a short story: My wife and I recently moved to a new home in another state. It was a long hard two month’s of buying a new home, selling our old home, packing, shipping, flying back and forth, and it seems it never ends. We have to change car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, as well as find new doctors, dentists, etc.

One of the things that is a real pain when you move is changing all the addresses to everything like your bank accounts, 401K’s, and in my case online affiliate programs I might belong to. Thank goodness for mail forwarding for all the things that I forgot to change!

One of the websites where I make money and went in and changed addresses was CashCrate. I spoke to no one and did it all myself online. In the case of CashCrate you have to be sure to always have your address up to date on that site because that is where your check will automatically get sent once you reach the payout amount. If you sign up with a fake address guess what….YOU WON’T EVER GET THE CHECK!

Well, a UPS guy knocked on my door this morning and handed me an envelope. I wasn’t expecting anything and wondered what it could be. Totally surprised, I found it was a $100 Target gift card from the owner of CashCrate as a housewarming gift. Now I have never even talked to Joe the owner and I don’t even know him. Other than a couple of exchanged emails over a 4+ year period I have had no contact with him at all. Nevertheless, here was a very generous (and very real) gift cart and the only way he would have known I moved is because he noticed my address change. (I have added the “” watermark)

Now, I must add that you WON’T get a gift card from CashCrate for moving like I did. I assume I got it because I am a top affiliate with them. I am probably on their radar a bit more than others. However it goes to show once again that CashCrate is legit and the guys behind the website are totally above board and honest. Really, they are and if you have ever read or heard from anyone that CashCrate is a scam, then the person telling that story was flat out not telling the truth!

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    I have always been afraid to use cashCrate because i read a review saying it was a big scam.But know i am sure than I can trust them when a positive feedback is coming from you. I’ll definitely give them a try. Thanks

    syobsnow on March 11th, 2012
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    People can write bad reviews for a variety of reasons: they have unreal expectations, they fail to figure out how to make money themselves, or they just don’t like the site for some reason. In the case of CashCrate though, they are an honest website run by honest people.

    DayJobNuker on March 13th, 2012