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My 3 Year Plan

6/15/2011 Update: Well, I did quit my job and you can read about it here: I lost my job. Although I did technically quit, business had dried up to the point where I wasn’t making enough to continue. This economy is really making it hard on a lot of people and it finally caught up to me.

5/10/2011 Update: I still have my “real” job (barely) but I am doing better online than in my last update. Doing better but I still need to be able to make more money in order to quit my job. The economy is still pretty bad as I am sure you know and just the fact that I have a job makes me hesitant to give it up knowing how hard jobs are to come by.

My hope that the economy will start to turn around and then perhaps I can once again entertain the thought of nuking my day job.

9/6/09 Update: Well, making money online is hard and it looks right now like I won’t make this goal. The economy is such that I don’t think it would be smart for me to quit my job even if I did reach this goal. You have to keep all your options open and although my real job isn’t doing as well as it was before the economic downturn, at least it still is bringing in some money.

Making money online is extremely hard and anyone who thinks they can jump right in and make a full time income is crazy. There is tons of competition and although it is possible to make several thousand a month with a lot of work, that is hardly enough to quit your job over. Right now, if you are one of the lucky ones that still has a job, I would recommend keeping it. I know I am because unfortunately, I doubt I will ever make enough online to quit. Too bad but it is true. Maybe I will go back to online poker and give that a try again.


Who am I? Just a regular guy who HATES his job! Do you like punching in at work everyday? Do you like being reviewed by your manager who doesn’t really know what you do? Do you wish you could get up every morning and do what you WANT to do rather than do what you HAVE to do? Are you tired of repeatedly having to list your resume at the different job web sites?

In 3 years from now on 7/1/2010, I  am going to NUKE my day job! Why? Because I can’t stand it and working in the politically correct environment of today’s corporate world is NOT for me. One of the highest paying jobs might be Internet marketing and so my goal is to have many different income streams which will ultimately allow me to NUKE MY JOB!

You can read more about me here: Who Is DayJobNuker?